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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Something struck me while watching this. When Feldspar Epstein first wrote about why those under 25 don't take to SL, we scratched our heads and wondered why. Could one reason be that they don't have a sufficiently tragic view of life?

So much of the best work in SL, like this piece or the work of Bryn Oh, have a sad "edge" to them. My generally perky students don't "get it." Sigh...even an old fart like me, who missed the hippie party and grew up with the Ramones and mid-70s Bowie, "gets it."

Maybe "these kids today" will get it after the first layoff.

Alicia Chenaux

Everyday we hear from people who complain constantly about Second Life, Linden Lab, and everything associated with it. They come in and they find nothing but flaws.

Then someone creates art. That is louder to me than a million complaints.


great post! i certainly hope this would drew more attention on the Chinese community within Secondlife.

and a few fact I would like to point out:
Hooqiqi is a female av, and she is the one with a invisible wing in the video..
the SLURL is poining to a cloth shop, the place we working on it to replace the boat at http://slurl.com/secondlife/China/128/128/1994

thx hamlet
: )

brinda allen

Thank you...such a beautifull piece.
I've sat in tears through it several times...
maybe because I am old.


Awesome post. I watched video.

thank you

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