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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


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Ryker Beck

I am going to nominate:

Dion Bracken - because he is seriously, *THE* hottest avi on the grid. I don't care what anyone says. :P

Gahum Riptide, because no one can be nearly as down to earth, adorable, friendly, and kind as he can be. He's hysterical when he rants his head off about college kids too.

Prad Prathivi because talent, vision, humour and general entertainment never cease to escape him. His avi's not bad to look at either. :P We should all try to crash a boat into his roof now.

Dick Wiesel - how can you NOT nominate a guy named DICK WIESEL? :P Plus - he makes the hottest jeans ever at WoE. Oh, and he's a sweetheart, too. :)

CK Winx from Luck Inc. Without him, we would be devoid of hot female avi ass everwhere. And I don't mean that figuratively. :P He's also a damn fine DJ and a hysterically funny guy.

and last but certainly not least -

Trace Osterham - the best photographer on the grid, and soon to be talented female skin designer. Sweet, beautiful, talented and all-around fun and energetic guy with a truly kind heart. Love him.

There's my 6. ;)

Ryker Beck

OH! I'd also like to mention that Trace Osterham was the mastermind behind the SL rendition of the No H8 campaign and should win a spot just by default for being so made of awesome. :P K I'm done now. :D


Dancien Graves. Because he is not only stylish but a true example of digital snips and snails and puppy dog tails :)

Ryker Beck

Adding 4 more, cuz I can't leave it at 6. Six is a lame number! so I'll make it 10 :P

Gauge Laville - the Blacklisted guy, incredibly RAWRY and very thought-provokingly plurky. He makes really hot clothes too. Rawr.

Dancien Graves, because who doesn't like a little homefry in their breakfast once in a while? :P Opinionated and straightforward and awesome male-blogger over at Atomic Valley.

Mainit Hellman, an up-and-coming prefab builder at Baustein. Also has one of the hottest avis on the grid (only because he wears my eyes :P LMAO!) and makes some pretty fantastic decks/houses. His imagination for prefabs is pretty expansive.

annnnnnnnnnnnd LAST I swear -

Stephen Venkman for being one of my best friends, my confidante, an AMAZING photographer, and just too talented for me to even touch. You're incredible.

Okay. I'm done now. Srsly. :P <3 I LOVE MY TEN BOYS!!!! YUSSA!

Tymmerie Thorne

I am nominating my husband and co-owner of Starting Point new resident dorms, Jerremy Darwin. Not only is he handsome, but he is just as gorgeous on the inside as the outside.

Feld Fan

1. Donald Feld

And I''d be remiss not to mention ...
2. Bronson Twine
3. Cloud Galbraith
4. Express Zenovka
5. Gahum Riptide
6. Lulu Jameson
7. Stokely Mayfair
8. turlututu Chaffe
9. Sean Black
10. Twisted Vendetta

Lilly Lalonde

I would like to nominate my friend and one of the biggest pervs(said with total love)on the grid Razor Medby.


Are Lindens eligible for nomination? 'Cause, seriously, Teeple Linden is yummy.

Hamlet Au

Hell yeah, nominate Lindens like crazy if you like.

Eve Petlyakov

I'd like to nominate:

-Gahum Riptide: My bestie. Ryker's right he's ADOREABLE.

-Aldero Akami: Other bestie. He's so hot he has a style stalker. His fashion sense is unmatched.

-Boe Cortes: He's so ridiculously modest and sweet. He always looks incredible. The man has a shape that's SO good he can slap on any skin and still be 'wow.'

-Cole Kastener: Guys and gals need to keep a fire extinguisher on hand for their underpants when this guy's around.

-Sean Black: Because elves RULE.

-House Ragu: He's recognizeable, funny, and a poetic slebrity. The ladies love the House Ragu.

Siyu Suen

I nominate the unique and talented Selos Dae. He's the avi behind TRAP skins and clothes, and even though he's a bit of a hermit he always looks good stomping around the sandbox.

I also nominate Khamudy Mannonen. He adores history and shows it in his Flickr. He's unconventional and likes to recreate famous paintings and icons with his photos, but he also looks good doing it.

I'd also nominate my alter ego Armando (same actual avi as me, just another shape/skin set) but really I don't show him much style love.

OMGWTF Barbecue

Riq Graves, owner of Reek, and seriously heartthrob.


i am gonna nominate my partner lucas gerard, there is no one hotter in my opinion!

OMGWTF Barbecue

WOW i got too excited and forgot a whole word. lets try "and seriously a heartthrob".

Delora Starbrook

1) Winter Jefferson
2) Cutter Klopek
3) Zan Eldrich
4) Alexi Dastardly

These four are full of sex appeal, each in different ways. Seriously.


Recidivist Sideways.


Recidivist Sideways, please.

Pumpkin Saenz

Gauge Laville. Not only is his avi fun to look at, but he's got a brain...and he knows how to use it. Too smart for his own good, sarcastic and a bit off-key, he's a diamond in the rough that oozes sex. He's also talented, as he takes great pictures and has a store (Blacklisted). Hard-headed and outspoken, he's not afraid to voice his opinion, even if he is in the minority. His tenacity to stick to his guns just adds to the allure of "That Guy".


Roblem Hogarth
Recidivist Sideways
Twisted Vendetta
Winter Jefferson

Those are my noms
nom nom nom


Harrison Lacombe and tinydogg Haystack are both h-o-t HOT! Please and thank you :)

Adelayda GossipGirl

I nominate Harrison Lacombe.


Snake Kytori
-- He is absolutely sexy, great personality, not afraid to state his point of mind, a good listener, he can be kind of shy, but over all.... who cares when you can LOOK at him.

Kala Bijoux

Recidivist Sideways



Siyu Suen

I'll nominate Sobriquet Kryakutnoy or however you spell his last name. He may be undead but he makes a traffic cone look damn good.

Cyclic Gearz

Recidivist Sideways
Winter Jefferson
Trace Osterham
Fractured Crystal

Nadia Felwitch

I nominate the one and only Shiryu Musashi. Truly one of the hottest guys in sl in more ways than one. His avi is very unique and charming. Captivating none the less. Also, He is the designer behind the awesome clothing at Musashi-Do. Shiryu is not only a genius in everything he does but very caring, loyal, and devoted to his friends. Take time to get to know him and you will see why I love him so.

Sanura Snowpaw

Roblem Hogarth
Recidivist Sideways

juana manuel

i nominate:

Recidivist Sideways
Rev Eponym
Dancien Graves

Ravi Lorefield

Ajay Giano..the owner of Zoobong! He is hot stuff!

Jennaa Loire

OK here is my list...

*Donald Feld (The name should say it all, one of the nicest guys out there as well)

*Jayce Slade( Voice from heaven and the rest of him is smoking)

*Lulu Jameson (Amazing artist with the heart and soul to match his talent)

*Winter Jefferson (Brains are sexy as hell, his Av is amazing and well how can you not admire a man who can style like that!l)

*Trace Osterham (Amazing artist and one of the nicest people on SL, admire him so much for his work with NO H8)

*Aldero Akami (SInce I first met him, I have not seen another person be able to style like him, his AV is amazing!)

*Boe Cortes (Seriously one smoking looking man, amazing artist as well)

*mainit Hellman (for being one of the best friends a girl can ask for)

Ok I am done.. someone pass me a cold face washer please.

Sanura Snowpaw

I also nominate Shiryu Musashi

Stella Offcourse

Barefoot Ballinger. Not just eye candy, his whispers can make your legs weak.

Stokely Mayfair

I would like to nominate Asami Schnyder cuz he's beautiful and talented and squishable. And Trace Osterham cuz he's the best. And Micah Kanto is the best too. Oh and Till Hapmouche. All of these guys' avatars stand out for all the right reasons to me and they're all wonderful talents!

Gabe Bookmite

Jarl Soderstrom is super sexy, And, he is straight so there you go ladies.
Ritch Nicholls He is a dancer at Jakes and is just yummy
Till Hapmouche, he is sexy, and straight score two ladies

Eddi Haskell

Jago Constantine is by far the best looking avatar on Second Life. He is in a class by himself. And if you have a category for animals, I would like to nominate our VKC German Shepherd Albert.

1angelcares Writer

I would like to second the nom for Dion Bracken. Here is the proof: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dionbracken/3420434490/

Also, I think it's high time I publicly came out and announced my crush on Gahum Riptide. Oh, yes, I know...my girlish figure is of no interest to him. But he's still nice to look at (possibly NSFW):

I'll add my name to the growing list of people who think standing up against hate is dead sexay-- Trace Osterham's No H8 Campaign SL is good to see and so is he: http://www.flickr.com/photos/altamodasl/3370126780/

And to round out my noms, here's a darkhorse. I haven't seen the cute and talented photographer, Zinc Karas, given the nod as of yet, so here goes: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22787896@N04/2603027122/

May the best "male av" win!


Justonemore Loon
Cale Alcott
Shiryu Musashi

Raul Crimson

Since i was one of the Top Males last year my vote counts double? ;-)

My om nom noms are:

-Gahum Riptide: becuase he is fun, and enough bitchy. Sexy, and full of humour.
-Khamudy Mannonen: becuase is sweet, creative, sexy, has style (and is a bit bitchy too).
-Stokely Mayfair: because his concept of sexiness is original... well, and he is a sweety too (and not as bitchy as the two ones before)
-Recidivist Sideways: The beauty of the dark side.
-Beolas Whitfield: I like his furniture... and he is damn sexy too!
-Lano Ling: Great photographer, wonderful eyes creator... sweet and fun.

Raul Crimson

Since TypePad decided to eat my list i publish it again... still i wonder if being one of the TOP last year gives me double vote... ;-P

My om nom noms are...

-Gahum Riptide (hot, sweet and spicy)
-Khamudy Mannonen (warm, sexy and original... and the best hubby ever)
-Recidivist Sideways (the sexiness of the darkside)
-Stokely Mayfair (imaginative, sweet and totally squishable)
-Beolas Whitfield (dark, creative and sexy)
-Lano Ling (Great photographer and eyes-creator)

Raul Crimson

/me blames Typepad for the double comment :/

Nimil Blackflag

i dunno why but my nomination was deleted...

i'd like to nominate lucas gerard.
incase you need examples of hotness.

Nimil Blackflag

oh my bad i was on page two lol that'll teach me to use links to get to a page...

Hamlet Au

Sorry about that, Nimil, Typepad's comment system can be a real PITA.

lokum shilova

Winter Jefferson
Prad Prathivi
Steven Venkman
Three great looking avies and all super talented and nice guys !

Effie Emmons

I second the nomination for Stephen Venkman. Sexyness and talent make great hotness. :-)

Rose Karuna

I'd like to endorse the nomination for Recidivist Sideways

Murphy Alderson

Taurmaries Chaffe
Dunnagh Scarmon

Adric Antfarm

Eddi Haskell & Jago Constantine.

Sakura Sugarplum

I want to say Winter Jefferson. I know he was in it last year but no one knew who he was then. I know how big his heart is even though he pretends he doesnt have one. Look at the brushfire auction.

Ricco Saenz

I'd like to nominate Kebbo Kidd - ok, I may be biased, but I have seen how other people comment on his av. Recently, someone said that "Keebo has a natural, masculine air that just oozes with sensuality" - and I am not the author of the quote, I swear!


I am going to nominate Shiryu Musashi because he is so hot he makes a girl weak in the knees and he's a snappy dresser :)

Also I'm going to nominate Winter Jefferson because in addition to being dead sexy (literally) he'd bite me if I didn't.

Iris Seale

I want to nominate Dancien Graves. Because he's awesome.

Noir Maelstrom

I nominate:

Recidivist Sideways
Sabbian Paine
Lucian Amarula

Cuz, they be all special and stuff.


I gotta nod, so I'm paying it forward to others.

Aldwyn Zanibar (did I spell that right?)
Dion Bracken - cause Ryker scares me
Justice Bulloch
Ansel Adams
Bryce Tully
Gabe Bookmite
Kaz Nayar
Mikalis Karas
Roblem Hogarth
Skyhawke Sodwind
Virgil Soon

Arcadia Codesmith

Physical "hotness" in a virtual world is an off-the-rack commodity.

Talent, brains and humor are not for sale.

On that note... I'll second the nomination of JustOneMore Loon and toss in for consideration MrMulti Writer.

Sher Rexen

Jago Constantine is by far the hottest avie in SL. He's gorgeous and every person's dream of the perfect man. Not only does he have the looks of a greek god, he's also kind, intelligent, interesting, and humorous. He's got it all and deserves to be SL hottest male avatar!

Crap Mariner

Pffft. All chumps living in their mother's basements.

Once again, I nominate Prokofy Neva.


Iris Ophelia

Actually Arcadia, intelligence, personality, and talent are all taken into account in this, as well as physical attractiveness. I'm no fan of pure beauty contests at all. ^^

Angel Slocombe

There's plenty of hot males in SL most of them would die before being given the title though since I've invariably found the hottest guys are the most modest.
However I'll toss a few names into the ring just to see them blush.
Nerio Yoshikawa - Dark and sexy RP'r
Tristan Silversmith - Total Fairy Queen but very hot
Miro Collas - Co-Owner of Animations Rising - Masculinity embodied in an avatar.

Ari Blackthorne™

So this is really a nomination for who can get a handle on the appearance sliders better than everyone else, right?


I'd like to nom nom Dex Minotaur. He's sexy, intelligent, and real. (in both worlds)

Ricco Saenz

I added a comment earlier:

"I'd like to nominate Kebbo Kidd - ok, I may be biased, but I have seen how other people comment on his av. Recently, someone said that "Keebo has a natural, masculine air that just oozes with sensuality" - and I am not the author of the quote, I swear!"

Typo is my middle name, hehe... instead of Kebbo, please read Keebo Kidd (it's not my intention to "shout", but just to stress the correct spell: KEEBO KIDD)


Winter, Dancien and Trace all have very nice avs so I can agree with this..

But what about Rance Alva? An amazing DJ, shirt designer and hilarious guy.

Izzy Bereznyak has a very attractive av and is a super stylish guy. Ssmariner Flossberg is another one.

I am truly shocked to not see Daniel Luchador mentioned here. he is one of my best friends on SL and the girls go crazy for him. I have never seen a guy get as many random IMs as he does from the ladies... and he is a 7ft tall clown bunny rabbit. Go figure. Something about his av makes the girls go crazy.

Good luck boys and no matter who wins, I'm with Crap on this, you are all a bunch of basement dwellers to me anyway <3

Bryony C.

Kamian Trescothick

Reyfer Kawanishi

DBDigital Epsilon

All virtually gorgeous but with brains and personality too! <3


Carson Koenkamp! :)


Winter Jefferson
Vaalith Jinn
Pilz Redgrave
Morrigan Denimore


1. Wil Dreadlow - I'm just butt-kissing and hoping this gets me a pay rise!

2. Justice Bulloch - He promised to send me naked pics if I nominated him.

3. Ken Serpente - He did send me naked pictures.

4. Dion Bracken - He makes pixels look good.

5. Mrohs Baxton - Emo never looked so hot.

6. Viscount Menatep - All round sweetie with hawt pixels!

7. Aphius Rotaru - Lusted after his pixels for years.

8. Bronson Twine - He brightens up my blog roll reading with naughty thoughts!

9. Winter Jefferson - I like his style.

10. Krise Shepherd - I lust after his talent.

Shiryu Musashi

I'd like to nominate:

Lollo String: He's probably the most talented singer in second life. He can sing from Sinatra to Metallica with the warmest voice ever

RH Engel: Talented in building and a great looking avatar. There's a reason why I put him on my posters :D

Bryony C.

Kamian Trescothick Aussie hunk

Reyfer Kawanishi Gorgeous and charming.

DBDigital Epsilon Managing Director
of cruise ship venue
SS Galaxy. Gorgeous

All three have brains and personality to match their looks.

Paulina Oceanlane

I'd like to nominate Ole Etzel (Mr Bones) because he is not only one very talented and creative pirate, but also proves that true beauty goes much deeper than skin.

Rebel Hope

I nominate RH Engel *He's the hottest man in SL to me. NomNom.

Shiryu Musashi is very sexy in his suits.

Rico Plisskin and he's a great artist and singer.

Feri Beckenbauer hottest punk around

Nine Warrhol

I'd like to nominate Nine Warrhol, because, dammit I can! lol (a little self horn tootage)

But I would also like to nominate my friend Ypolt Perun..he has one of the cutest, sexiest avis I have ever seen in SL, the end.

Sooo to recap:

1. Ypolt Perun
2. Nine Warrhol lol yaaaay

Stokely Mayfair

I am gonna second Gattina's nomination of Izzy Bereznyak. I would also like to add Vitor Algoma, Galliano Boucher, severine Morrisey and Laika Saintlouis to my pile of noms! :D

Haver Cole

Riq + Gahum forever!!

Haver Cole

ooo and Stokley!

Tattookiss Nacht

Snake Kytori is the hottest EVAH!

Charity Mcminnar

Ohhh Snake Kytori, tall dark handsome and a great friend too

Echo Danitz

Snake Kytori, easy on the eys, but even better when you get to know him.

Asako Haiku

Snake Kytori pretty pixels, so much fun

Neela Paneer

Snake Kytori is hottest avi I know

hen3ry mensing

Tito Devinna

Savannah Ducatillon

I will second the nomination for Justice Bulloch. Justice sincerely is a caring soul, with a big heart, always eager to lend a hand. He is a fabulous friend, & confidante.

Bryony C.

Kamian Trescothick

Reyfer Kawanishi

DBDigital Epsilon, MD of SS Galaxy

All gorgeous guys with lovely personalities.

Delilah Sandalwood

I would love to nominate:

Nine Warrhol, because he is so adorable and fashionable. He is fantastic!

Ypolt Perun, he is just so damn sexy. Seriously. Whole package. Damn. Love Him.

Rylan Carling

Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
Cole Kaestner!
*he is the sexiest beast alive!*

stella semaphore

1.Laika Saintlouis
2.Stokely Mayfair

Smithton Eilde

I like the blogging boys. Stokely Mayfair because he's blonde. Bronson Twine because he's usually bald. Winter Jefferson because he sparkles. And I like Truth Hawks too.

Kobe Fan

Kobe Mistwallow

Sarra Foggarty

I nominate Liam Ducrot. Hes a hell of a friend and he totally lets me abuse his av for my pictures and stuff. great guy, nice as can be.


Mikalis Karas

Absolutely beautiful.

BookemJackson Streeter

I nominate Albert Gainsbourg. I can't think of anything hotter than a life-long democrat/former US Coast Guard, who joined SL in 2006. As he says in his profile:
I am not 20 something. RL born 1931.
Moderate to liberal Democrat.
Astro and quantum physics of more than passing interest.
Yes! I voted for Obama.
I live in Massachusetts.

Albert has built a scale model of the Coast Guard Cutter he served on in the Korean War. He's a great guy, and chicks dig him!


Ganymedes Costagravas

If we're talking about hot as in "cause hormonal reactions", there's only 3 left, since the other 2 already were in the 2007 and 2008 results:

* Lano Ling
* Keeran Blackadder
* Sylar Oppewal

Prad Prathivi

Bronson Twine - the man has the style and look that matches my own.
Winter Jefferson - Deserved to be in the top ten last year, and suprised he wasn't.

My other selections:
Ganymedes Costagravas
Gahum Riptide
Khamudy Mannonen
Roblem Hogarth
Dancien Graves
Kriss Lehmann
Wavie Haller
Kamian Trescothick

Lizzie Lexington

I would like to say I for the most part enjoy Iris's takes on the fashion community but honestly what is so special about a hot male avatar. Yeah I enjoy looking at them but it's not like it's a difficult thing to do. I created my perfect M-alt a couple months ago so should I nominate him? I mean do we need this much RL type activities in our SL? Okay I shut up now.

Nine Warrhol

SL is for fun. The end. Bring on the hot avis. :P

CC Viper

Sawyer Kaestner
Bo Rufus

Both super nice guys, super hawt. Sawyer builds, makes poses..doesnt ask for anything in return and will make time for everyone.

Bo, well gotta love the name for starters but this ones MINE! hahaha :D

Jamila Xaris

I nominate Snake Kytori because he is simply hot, his avi goes right along with his RL attitude which is freaken sexy as heck!

Lilith Piers

I second the nomination for Snake Kytori. I've known him for almost a year on SL and he never changes and those eyes are purrrr

Mercedes Aldrin

Snake Kytori!!!!
Oh baby, that is all I need to say just look him up

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