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Friday, December 11, 2009


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That's hilarious!


Where are the rest of the Village People? Just Kidding :)

Bettina Tizzy

Errr... no. :) This is Philip we are talking about, not some pickup stud. But yes, he needs a makeover.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'd suggest you call this feature, "Pimp My Avatar", but that would just be wrong on so many levels.

Bettina Tizzy

Oh (and this from the NPIRL advocate)... I think his avatar should look like Philip in real life. This doesn't remotely look like him.

Sasy Scarborough

I have brought this up with others at many office hours of late, it really is a shame that the lindens that stick to their old school looks, aren't showing their support for the incredible content creation in Second Life.

Philip was recently on Paisley Beebe's show with M Linden and he was so proud of how he just threw textures together and made his clothing. I think he should be more proud of giving us the tools to make him look at least up to date fashion wise.

I hope he takes the satire as a hint, he needs a change for 2010 most lindens do.

timmy trendy

I LOVE! this make over. its bang on trend!.


Phillip who?

Pituca FairChang

Don't touch Philip! He is a classic. There are a lot of people that aren't into the latest fads and are comfortable with their 'slider' avatars. Make overs should never be forced on anyone.

Haney Armstrong

Is nothing sacred? What would the FIC say?

Nine Warrhol

I'm with Pituca on this one. I don't think people should have to look a certain way in SL, or RL for that matter.

If he wanted an updated av, wouldn't have one? :p


LMAO, 1st thing to come across the stream!

I agree, the Lindens need to show their appreciation and support for the advancement in content creation. One can always keep a photo album of their avatar's evolution.

Philip is a little more "Dennis the Menace" cutesy, but it is a GREAT interpretation. Maybe a creation of his inner self.

Winter, for a long time I have suggested we overhaul our friend here, maybe show us your suggestions.


Fogwoman Gray

Flashback to SL5B. I had never actually seen a photo of Philip at this point. I came around a corner of our build and ran smack into a giant statue that rezzed in front of me complete with a giant blinging crotch. I thought we had been griefed! I still wake at night sometimes.....screaming.

Dedric Mauriac

There was a “Get Philip in your Pants” contest on the Second Cast podcast episode 25 (9 Oct. 2006) where Philip promised he would wear the pants of the person who designed the best pair for him. I don't believe he followed through on his promise, but there were some interesting designs.

Samantha Poindexter

I completely agree with Pituca. Keep your mitts off the hair and codpiece! They're iconic!

Doreen Garrigus

Oh, that is *fabulous*.

Mind you, I think Philip has an army of updated alts and keeps his classic av for official business just to watch all of us squirm.

I cannot wait to see what they do to Hamlet.

Harper Ganesvoort

If I must, I can live with the hair and the 2-dimensional face, 'cause that's Philip's choice; but that codpiece, which I've never seen before -- I've only seen Philip from the waist up in other pictures -- has got to go! I will say this, though -- Philip, as he is right now, is instantly recognizable to any old hand across the Grid who's seen a picture of him, so maybe there's an advantage to keeping the old avatar. (Unless he wants to travel about in mufti.)

And yes, Ham, the Fashion Police have issued a BOLO for your seersucker-clad six o'clock, too (grin).

Ciaran Laval

Philip wouldn't be Philip if he had a makeover, that handlebar moustache and T-Shirt are iconic, a preservation order should be slapped on that look!


Another vote for old school Philip.

Paisley Beebe

Why this is great, is that Winter, has just interpreted what he sees! but not only that has added "tude" none of which the original Phillip Avi has...

When I interviewed Philip in real life in S.F, I didn't want to bring up his Avi look at all...I thought it had been "done" over and over, people always ask..Yawn...but Phillip brought it up! dang..

Philip claims not to have an alt! or alts he said loves"showing up" as "himself" and getting attention...now..could it be that this Avi this original Avi, is part of his "getting attention" well...maybe but..I think anyone turning up in SL with Phillip Linden officially over their head, would get attention regardless of weather he was a tiny, a badly drawn boy, or Gay Bar Bill.. (Bettina Tizzy, if you'll pardon me Bettina) wants to see him as himself because like any red blooded woman, (or so inclined man..) who has also seen Phillip in real Life knows he is male model gorgeous (and I think he knows it!) Philip dresses in RL with male model style, but certainly appears totally manly. He oozes sex appeal...(and no its not that he is incredibly financial...he would still make us swoon even if he were dirt poor)..How else one justify the owner of NPIRL wanting or demanding totally possible in Real Life! :) Shouldn't Bettina be encouraging a Willo The Whisp, or a Robot?

Phillip "claims" he has a nostalgic attachment to this avatar, which is strange for a guy that changes his shirt in RL for every event who wears all the latest fashionable looks, with total confidence, but maybe this avatar really represents the inner Philip, the Philip who wants to be the dagg, (Aussie term meaning badly dressed nerd) the Pip who wants to be the same, not grow, not consume, the antithesis of what the larger percentage of us in SL want to be. Here is a guy who in RL dresses and looks like plenty of men try and fail to look like in Second Life! Yet he makes himself look ridiculous, yep that avi is ridiculous...Imagine. Imagine he walks into an Enterprise Grid Meeting with all the top Executives that have just bought into the new Enterprise "Serious Business" deal, they are all in their pin stripe suits and woman's suits, in walks Phillip...those that know him and know the history behind the avi, find it endearing like a sort of hopelessly dressed but genius boyfriend, the rest...bewildered would be my guess at their reaction... But hey you know what? Phillip Linden/Rosedale is a Rock Star! the closest thing any Geek World has got to one, and a Rock Star can wear what he damn well likes!

Confused now? hmmm so am I ...sorry girls.. when I think of Pip I think of him as I saw him in SLCC sigh..blonde, Tan and totally hot :) so I don't care less what he wears in S.L

Oh boy how embarrassing, I'm in my 40's and drooling like a school girl. So sue me!

Gahum Riptide

Yes folks, we're going to force Philip into wearing this look.


As a friend of winter, this was done entirely for fun. Don't worry your pretty (or noobish) heads, Philip can keep his look, but who says we can't have fun playing around with what *could be*?

Hamlet Au

You're cute when you sigh like a schoolgirl, Paisley. The funny thing is, while Philip is indeed a Good Looking Bastard and dresses like a rockstar, he's actually a devoted family man who's married to his college sweetheart. I think his wild man avatar is a way of cutting loose. For that matter, he often strikes me as a bit shy when not discussing Second Life or stuff related to it. I almost think he founded SL so he'd have something cool to talk with people about.

Doreen Garrigus

The guy was doing computer consulting when he was seventeen. I live with someone like that. It doesn't matter how attractive they are when they grow up, they still think of themselves as geeky adolescents who stammer when they try to talk to girls. I bet he blushes just reading about people who describe him as Rock Star Gorgeous.

Arcadian Vanalten

Why is it that when I see the new look, I keep seein' Nicholas Cage's character from "Raising Arizona?" *Looks for Holly Hunter in the background*

Harper Beresford

Well, now I am even MORE inclined to vote for Winter Jefferson as sexiest AV.

ColeMarie Soleil

I might be late on this but YAY for winter :D


a Mullet is a Mullet

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