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Monday, December 07, 2009


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Nalates Urriah

nVidia's shutter glasses are not going to make it. I think the 3D monitors using polarized glasses will likely dominate the market.


Porsupah Ree

I wonder if he might also elect to upload discrete L/R video streams, leaving YouTube to composite them as per user preference. (Details can be found on YouTube's support forum)

An example of this can be seen here, with the pulldown offering a variety of viewing methods, such as various glasses schemes, side by side, stacked, and interlaced.

It's difficult to see the Lab being overly interested, given their lack of interest in smooth camera controls for improved machinima production; although with 3D TV production and broadcasting poised to get underway, offering SL promo footage in 3D would seem prudent. (And a lot of fun!)

Fogwoman Gray

used the glasses from our Coraline CD, had to turn them backwards but VERY cool effect :)

Dedric Mauriac

Many moons ago, Dale's Second Life viewer had stereoscopic working based on code from the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, the viewer has not been maintained and no longer runs. I was looking into this a while back when YouTube started to support 3D videos.

James Corbett

But aren't most of the 3D specs being handed out in cinema now using the polarized technology? While the above machinima uses incompatible anaglyph projection?

James Corbett

Dedric I used Dale's 3D viewer very recently and it ran fine - was very impressive on certain builds. Are you sure it's not working for you?

azdel slade

This code was also updated by kael greco, chris head and myself for becoming dragon (http://secondloop.wordpress.com) about a year ago.


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