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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


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Almost all of them look like females. Is it a trend?

Murphy Alderson

EEK! There doesn't look like ONE 'manly-man' amongst them! What happened to the men that looked like men?


Wow...I thought this competition was for guys...well Gauge resembles one I suppose...


If I had known this pageant was for chicks,I would have asked my friends to nominate me XD

Nadia Felwitch

What is hot about any of these! I agree with all of the above comments where are the men that look like men?


They all look perfectly manly to me. Does it take a big blocky head and tons of facial hair to be manly, nowadays?

Kendra Coakes

I would normally rebut to the comments with something like: "What kind of woman are you getting!!! LULZ!" But, granted this is Second Life and they're hating on a random contest, I bet these are the kind of woman (by the slight chance they do.) they do get.


Sorry that I didn't spend enough hours in the tanning booth for you ladies. D:


No one is saying that to be a real man you have to be a blockhead with shoulders from here to Moscow,and facial hair that would put wolf-man to shame.Lets not jump to the extremes here.
These guys just look a bit too "delicate",If you'd ask me.Look at the lips,cheekbones,hair,eyes and the attire.Don't the look a bit feminine?


Then again,maybe it all boils down to taste.

Raul Crimson

Under my personal point of view discussing if a man is more or less man depending if he looks more or less femenine is so 1995... also the vision of what is hot or not is something totally personal, a matter of opinions.

Nine Warrhol

Would be nice if people just picked the person they think should get this round of semifinals without insulting the contestants...asking too much perhaps? :|

Hamlet Au

That's good advice, Nine, and in any case, I just delete any comments that are uncivil. I didn't know male avatars could provoke such passion, though I guess that is the point of doing this in the first place.

Murphy Alderson

Well, I apologize if my comment offended anybody, and yes, a man's level of handsomeness is subjective (or else, why would a contest be required in the first place?), and I suspect, also a product of generation.

Having grown up when 'hot' was more synonymous with 'rugged' than with 'pretty', I guess my idea is probably outside the norm of SL demographics.

Again though, my sincerest apologies if anybody's feelings were hurt from my comment earlier.

Gahum Riptide

You know, at first I was embarassed to be nominated for this thing, but a good friend said "Be embarassed for the people making a big deal of it". So, now I'm very embarassed for the people here and on the other thread who are showing their true colors.

It's incredibly amusing that pretty much none of the nominees make a big deal of this whole thing, but other people get all kinds of passionate about it, make fools of themselves, or show how hypocritical they really are.

Really, a lot of you are writing such embarassing things here it's painful to scroll down through the comments and read what you have to say. Seems the real drama doesn't happen among the contestants, but more among the comments from people who just have to say things that make them look like idiots.

Then again, this is all a repeat of last year.

Adric Antfarm

My clown appears to be out of it and I can't claim to be the manly authority, so best of luck to the finalists.

Bunny Brickworks

I really don't understand the manliness discussion. Most of the guys on that list have put a lot of time and spacebucks in the creation of their avatars and are ultimately yummy.

Gauge's avi is far from being delicate, he's got muscles in the right places and though M4r1lyn and Trace have a slightly more androgynous look, they are most definitely hot in my book.

Yes, it's all about personal taste but I rather see some 'pretty boys' than the blown up high on steroid meat factories that have dominated the male avatar scene for so long. If I wanna see a bling-bouncer, I watch a 50 Cent video...

Winter Jefferson

I've seen conjecture that Morrigan Denimore's av is female. Not so. Mister Morrigan prescribes to an elegant Victorian aesthetic, and whilst delicate, his avatar is most definately male.

This is SL, and there is more than enough range for every definition of masculinity you can dream up. One person's definition of attractiveness isn't going to be the same as the next, but over 30 finalists there's going to be someone that pushes your buttons, surely. If no one in this round gets your ovaries working overtime, then simply don't vote. But no need to put down the gentleman that have the guts to do this, no matter what their appearance or orientations are.

Last year it was all moans about how the men were mostly dark and triangular neko types and all looked the same. Just roll with the zeitgeist, you'll have more fun that way.


i agree with Gahum.
this is a funny contest, lets not make it ugly and dramatic.

Clark Bowenford

wow. Are there some jealous boys around or what? I say, may the best man win, which every AV selected most definitely is.




Most certainly Morrigan! /raises a glass

James Schwarz

Wow there's a lot of ignorant out-with-the-times oldies here whose standard of "men" are Chuck Norris and Steven Segal.

Get with the times! and girrrl please! these guys are prettier than you'll ever be in your best sex face.

James Schwarz

Let's see a snapshot of your AV, then judge!

Curious Observer

This entire process has become absurd but remains highly entertaining. I've kept tabs on the comical exchanges here & in other forums from the onset of the competition. By doing so i've also noticed how the voting for each round has a few wild fluctuation over the course of a few days before leveling off as most of the advocates for each avatar have already cast their votes and the cumulative tally makes each vote less influential as a percentage. Several days after the post when hundereds (if not thousands) of votes have been cast the largest upticks or declines seem to be one or two tenths of a percentage.

Yesterday an interesting thing occurred as the last place contestant saw a surge of nearly 16%. With the post having been up for over a week that would suggest thousands of people, who previously weren't aware of the contest or didn't care, suddenly decided to vote all at once. I find that highly unlikely. It seems someone has taken offense to some of the comments and has decided to manipulate the vote in an effort to elevate the avatar with the "elegant Victorian aesthetic" toward the top of the heap. (currently aprox. 22% of the vote)

While some of the comments are moronic the fact that an individual is so passionate about a virtual pageant that they would use nefarious methods to ensure a particular avatar a better showing is curious, if not just sad.


Curious Observer--

Why that was some Serious Business there.

Dirk Talamasca

These avies do look pretty feminine. Cool to have a contest though.. May the best ummmm.. avie.. win.

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