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Thursday, December 31, 2009


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Miro Collas

You might want to review that list - Klaw is now closed, I was nearly ejected by a security device. Poetik Velvets is gone, so no point linking to it.

Lizzie Lexington

*sigh* Poetik Velvets was recently closed. To Nur, Juju and Hern if you read this post, your work and efforts are missed.

Hamlet Au

Dang, Lizzie, that sucks.

Miro, these links also have copious screenshots along with the SLurl, so they also work as an archive of popular places now gone. But thanks, I clarified that in the post.

OMGWTF Barbecue

Error is also closed. *weeps*

Miro Collas

@Hamlet: True, as an archive they are valuable. I meant the SURLs; sorry for not being clear.

@OMGWTF: Error has been open for several weeks now again, but is still under heavy reconstruction. Uhm correction, what little was there last week is now gone. The SIM is totally empty as of this moment. :-| Other than a few puzzled visitors like myself, that is.

Miro Collas

OK, I take that back - the SIM has a new owner and parcels are for rent. Error that is. Blarg.


You forgot about this popular place.

It's called Club Tagada.

Traffic is usually around 60,000.


Oh. I forgot to mention that half of that traffic is due to camping.

Fogwoman Gray

Hamlet, love you and love your blog. BUT.
Titling this more accurately would be "The Top 20 Most Visited Sims of Second Life For Koinup Users 2009". Since I have been in SL since 2006 and have no idea what a Koinup is besides one of your sponsors :)
That said - these are wonderful places and worthy of visits or a memorial toast to great art.

Loquacia Loon

All this is a reminder of how easily the places we love most disappear, leaving a hole in your heart.

But Koinup is fantastic for finding new places worth visiting, and has made a real adventurer of me!

Violet Sweetwater

Klaw is open and home to Art Box (number 18 on this list). Visit us at Art Box

Csteph Submariner

Awww, I thought we might have made a late dash for a place, but I guess a Nov opening isn't the best thing for these lists. Maybe next year eh? I have some as yet fairly nebulous plans for Frideswide this coming year.


Kudos to Frankie and Violet for Art Box making the top 20.

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