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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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Blue Linden

Saw Skye the other day at Solace Beach, and he's got a great live presence. Very personable with the audience, and as you can tell from the video here, a highly polished sound. Here's hoping for all the best in his career!

Don't forget guys, not tipping is a ToS* violation.

*Tenets of Suavity

Effie Emmons

Skye's music is full of soul. I knew it was something special when I first heard him during the live streaming of the Texas Jam. That is why I immediately booked him for my venue.

Skye also has the sweet personality to match his talent. He's great to work with.

ColeMarie Soleil

*flails like a dork*



WOW dude ^_^


ColeMarie Soleil

Oh I would just like to add... if you haven't heard his cover of Hallelujah --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m7-zdKvQEQ&feature=related

or When doves cry --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlivybCqJfI&feature=related

You really should >.<

Adric Antfarm

Love the cover of Hallelujah.

I've always wondered what the rules are when an artists performs music written by others in Second Life. Do they have to pay royalties of any sort to perform the music?

If so, is it excessive?

Doubledown Tandino

@ Adric

The common etiquette: When a musician wants to perform another SL musician's original music, the first step is to ask. Generally the first musician will either say yes, or no. I've never heard of a case where a SL musician was asking for royalties for other SL musicians to cover their music. It's usually just a "yes I approve" or "no, please don't play my music" equation.... and the SL musicians respect that.

Adric Antfarm

Well yes, among avatar authored tunes that is a good system, but what about an SL artist performing ASCAP, BMI, etc, covered songs. Like Hallelujah for example.

Royalites sort of sound required, but it's such a different thing from a club with tickets and the like. Most perfomers aren't heard by huge numbers in SL unlike a busy RL club with booze and chicks helping draw.

Hopefully they don't bother with SL was my thinking. Can't be a big pot of money for them.

Doubledown Tandino

@ Adric
There have been piles and piles of discussion on these issues, primarily on music-centric SL blogs.




The specifics and technical legalities are in a loosely defined gray area. In essence, yes, a performer who performs a licensed song for profit should have the license to do so.
a) There is not enough money or profit to go around when a SL performer sings a cover tune for the license agencies to make an exerted effort (yet).
b) There is still a question as to whether a SL music venue is considered a public location, a private location, or a internet broadcasting stream.. meaning, is the venue owner responsible, the stream user, the stream owner, or the musician. The license companies have yet to set a standard.
c) The license companies are more concerned about mass sharing, mass distribution (IE an artist selling a cover tune on their CD), and mass broadcasting. Because SL rarely and barely has cover charges to enter a venue, and because the listener capacity is generally small, it's not a large concern for the license companies (yet).

Judi Newall

"charging $10 USD a show was a pretty good deal for venue owners, when the real world would have easily slapped a zero or two on the end of that sum."

The difference is that SL venues have no way to recoup even $10!

Josue Habana

Absolutely incredibly talented.

One of my absolute favourite voices on the grid.

Doubledown Tandinota

In Real Life, some venues give a percentage of alcohol sold to the performers....
.... good thing that equation doesn't exist in second life.

Truelove Tomorrow

Skye has a voice which is pure musiclal artistic perfection and today is the last chance to hear him for a while in secondlife...as he preforms his last concert in sl before taking a break to concentrate on his rl music for a while...but we will all remain 'skye high' until his return xx:))

Carol Greenwood

The first time I heard Skye was at Romantica Yacht Club and I was blown away! A close friend had suggested I go hear him and see about booking him for my venue.... well, needless to say I became a Skye-addict! This artist delivers something amazing and I will definitely miss his contribution to the SL music scene! All the best to you Skye!

Crap Mariner

Two Words: Lance Rembrandt.


Ruby Destiny/Stacy Passell

Lazy, late trackback: http://sl2rllove.blogspot.com/2010/08/beauty-becomes-you.html

Franko Box

You can see Sky at Friday 25. march at ZeusClub


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