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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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These are average people.

Take note what they find really creepy as opposed to what they find fascinating in SL (i.e. the economy).

And you will notice that in the SL upside down world the creepy is emphasized and trumps what makes it vital...the economy.

This is a real problem and will stand in the way of SL gaining any ground with more subscribers.

I also find it fascinating that SL is separated from Warcraft. In that we are "people who are seeking connection". Isn't that what Warcraft is about as well? Maybe even more so. Perhaps its the game aspect in WoW that allows people to ignore this fact.


Writing from Sundance here. I haven't seen the movie yet but have heard/read a lot and Im on a waiting list to see Life 2.0.

I think you missed the mark on this post. This video review was not the "first review." The written reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This video review strays from what is said in writing elsewhere. How about linking the dozens of "real" reviews which are pretty much all positive. An assessment of "mixed reviews" can't be made based on one review. Especially an off the cuff video review made immediately after the reviewers saw the movie. A serious critic thinks more before opening mouth.

Can't wait to see the movie!

ColeMarie Soleil

*hits myself over and over in the head and says nothing*

Hamlet Au

Heya Roger, these are indeed the first reviews of "Life 2.0" I've seen online, but please post links to other reviews and I'll be happy to update with them.


Seriously? Wow.

Sorry I can't take the time to get all the links but here is at least one review that came two days before the one you posted.


Plus the reviews and ratings here which you should be following


There's a lot more. I'll bet you can find the rest. There are these great things called Google and Twitter that can help you.

Just because its the first YOU've found online doesnt meant its the first reviews.

Hamlet Au

No need to be uncivil, Roger, I'm finding these all on Google. I haven't found the "dozens of 'real' reviews" you say are out there, but will post links to those that I find.

Sidney Smalls

Still waiting for "dozens of real reviews" Roger. The first review you posted is, to say the least, minimal. The second is just a plot synopsis with a couple of lame comments.


didn't mean to be uncivil. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Just pointing out that your headline is misleading and inaccurate. The first reviews to be posted online were positive, not "mixed," and the video review you cited as the "first" actually came a few days after the first batch of reviews.

My apologies also that I don't have time to do further research for this blog post.

Ann Otoole

Perhaps if the movie is ever made available to the public we might get some qualified reviews. Nobody cares what the Sundance clique thinks.

Nyoko Salome

;0 lol back when i was in college, i lived at the 'freak' dorm on campus (there was nothing at all wrong with it; it was just the gothy artsy liberal place on campus to live). and the frat and sorority types just -loved- to drive by and scream 'FREEEEEAKKKSS!!' at us. ;0

(lol one nice sunny day, most everyone in the dorm was outside, and one of those cars drove by, and they screamed 'THE SUN'S OUT, RUN BACK TO YOUR HOLES!!' we actually applauded that one!)

anyhow, it's just tells me a whole lot more about others, those who would just point their fingers and scream 'freaks', than they could ever comprehend about me or my friends. :0

Jason Spingarn-Koff

This is the director here... as I travel around Sundance, I'm overwhelmed by the positive reception, from screenings to people in the street (Valerie Plame, the outed CIA operative who touched off a political firestorm, told me of encountering a crowd of people on a shuttle bus discussing the movie).

Another positive review: http://www.slugmag.com/festival-coverage/604/Life-20-Review.html

For on the ground reactions, check out Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/Life2pointO

I'm actually honored that the video reviewers criticized the film as being "too balanced"

Adric Antfarm

Not a bad review.


Adric Antfarm

More of an interview.


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