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Friday, January 15, 2010


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Toxic Menges

Headline FTW! \o/

Ann Otoole


It's the battle of the coattail riders!!!

Harper Beresford

I think my head hurts.

Crap Mariner

Remember to bookmark this post for your "Best Search Engine Trolling Attempts in 2010" post next year.


Nyoko Salome

lol!! ;0 and -i- just got the ad too, so now i've got the ad beside the story with the ad next to the story about the lab ad... might create some endless spirals in the net archives for that. ;0

Jura Shepherd

Reminds me of:


Fogwoman Gray

*grumbles about blue avatars-come-lately and finds a new skin for the duration*


Awesome Convergence?!

More like web2.0 theivery, you applaud the immmoral and corrupt.

Of the two SL's banner is the more visually derivative and actionable.


Botgirl Questi

I just posted a webcomic on the the topic: http://botgirl.blogspot.com/2010/01/avatar-vs-avatar-will-fans-of-movie.html


hello im marya

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