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Monday, January 11, 2010


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Princess Ivory

Isn't this similar to what the SALT HUD already does? I use that all the time to get megaprims of various sizes delivered to me.

Keystone Bouchard

Megaprim.SL.. brilliant! Happy Birthday, Katharine, and keep up the great work!


shes right it can be dull.

Latif Khalifa

Hardly an innovation as the article claims, http://prims.streamgrid.net/ has been there from 2008.

Angela Talamasca

Glad she's finally able to join us. However, her megaprim search is hardly an innovation. There are quite a few free ones floating around the grid, as others have already noted. Imo, her innovations are her ajax & iphone clients. Just sayin...

Anyway, welcome aboard, Ms. Berry!

Hamlet Au

prims.streamgrid.net looks cool but Katharine's variation still seems to have some additional features that make it innovative.

Fogwoman Gray

Gah! Another child prodigy making me feel like a complete loser :)
Welcome aboard, Miss Berry! I look forward to seeing what captures your interest here.

brinda allen

Ms Berry has it right...
Nooblets come...no one to chat with 'cept another nooblet...
Default avies totaly suck...
Too embarassed to continue on...they leave...
Lindens don't seem to be able to fix/don't want to fix the golden first hour.
The SL mentors that did actually *work* with new ppl during that first hour are now disbanded...(All maybe 100 of them...the remaining 1600 never seemed to find the time to go to the HIs

What's that line? "There will always be a Mainland"

Or the Fuller Brushmans shtick...
"Knock on enuff doors and "X" open..."Y" buy a brush..."

Get enuff nooblets and some will stay...the hell with the ones that don't.

Graham Mills

SL can use all the skilled programmers it can get -- kudos to Katharine and I hope she has a great time on the Main Grid.

Opensource Obscure

Hamlet, a tip: avoid in the first place to claim "first-ness" or to boost a service/tool over another - when a technical comparison shows there are no huge differences between them. That only makes picky people (like me :) to get in the debate to say things that aren't really important - like that "additional features" you mention aren't actually innovative.
But that was not the point of this post, I guess - the point was that we now have one more great programmer willing to contribute to Second Life's ecosystem.

And another great news here, is that now we have not one, but TWO well-working systems to find megaprims. Awesome! Did you ever try to find BY HAND the megaprim that fits your building? A total PITA.

Thanks Katharine & Latif!
note the alphabetical order :D

Arcadia Codesmith

Speaking as a lazy and unproductive programmer... it's good to have somebody around who actually, you know, FINISHES projects :)

I wish we could get clarity on megaprims. They are so undeniably useful for building in low-prim situations... but they are just as undeniably useful for griefing. I think we need hard boundries on plots. If it doesn't fit completely on your land, you can't rez it. That's not just a control on misuse of megaprims, that would also keep (for example), your neighbor's trees from swaying through the wall into your bedroom on a 512 plot.

soror nishi


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