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Sunday, January 24, 2010


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Dedric Mauriac

I'm just getting impressed with the professional looking advertisements for many products that people have created. The content creators have come a long way. Some ad's look like real products.

Schmobag Hogfather

Well since you said "announcements", I'll plug two services I just released:

1 - Gridshout.com, which is like a cross between Wordpress and Subscribe O Matic.

2 - For the LSL programmers out there, a new Google App Engine-powered name2key service, with care taken to make it as fast, complete, and gentle on the SL search servers as possible. Details at http://schmo.gridshout.com

Arcadia Codesmith

I haven't been in Second Life very much of late -- I'm having much more fun in the Star Trek Online open beta.

But... might I just say that I take for granted what an intelligent and well-spoken community Second Life attracts until I find myself in the middle of an MMO beta forum.

Why would anybody participate in an open beta if they hate the game, they hate the company, they hate their fellow players and they hate themselves? Conversely, if you're so zealously in love with the company and game that you rabidly leap to the defensive any time somebody levels the slightest criticism, what possible utility are you in a process designed to test, evaluate and improve the game?

When I think of trolls in Second Life, I think of one person in particular, whose name shall not be spoken... but even that person is eloquent, intelligent, and sometimes constructive in an abrasively paranoid sort of way.

I propose that as a new tagline. Second Life: Even Our Trolls are Better than Yours.


I just want to know if anyone can stop the camping at the Fussy location or not:


I can't explain why Fussy camping bothers me so, I think it's because camping was supposed to be banned and it really isn't so when I see if continue, it gets on my nerves a bit.

Fussy is here to stay it seems.

Crap Mariner

I suppose it's the relaunch/revamp of the Tunes inSL Project that's most on my mind about SL.

Twitter = @TunesinSL
URL = http://riaa.isfullofcrap.com/

Wondering when all those folks with booking agents/managers will think to ask them to send the info for them.


Tee Dubs

Hey Arcadia does the name of that one person in particular rhyme with Shmorvky Shmeva?

Scylla Rhiadra

For many of us, the biggest "news" in SL right now is what is looming on the horizon for the "official" SL forums within, presumably, the next few weeks. LL has threatened the forums with extinction, or at least radical surgery, for some months now, but indications from Wallace Linden and others suggest that, at last, the end truly is nigh. What remains to be seen is whether the forums will simply be extinguished, or replaced with something new and shiny, but just possibly much less functional.

The irony inherent in the fact that a company that is looking to create more opportunities for residents to "network" off-world -- mostly, it would seem, through third-party sites -- is now looking to possibly kill off one of the most vibrant and helpful off-world communities in SL seems lost on many people. And I am puzzled, given the buzz that this has generated on SL Answers and elsewhere, that NWN has not seen fit to even mention the impending loss of one of the most useful and integrative adjuncts to the in-world experience that this platform has going for it.

Arcadia Codesmith

Actually, Tee, by leaving it open to interpretation I allow room for every Second Life troll to be pleased with their eloquence and intelligence while being wrathful about being called paranoid when there's OBVIOUSLY a conspiracy afoot.

That's the gift that keeps giving. Why limit it to one recipient?

Nahasa Singh

What's on my mind ?

That I should have been on that train ...



Obviously, LL is working overtime to kill off everything that would allow the residents to control their own evolution in SL. The adult content and Zindra episode, then getting rid of mentors, the banning of freebies from xstreet, and now the threat of forced integration with Facebook....why should shutting down the forums be a surprise? "Your World, Your Imagination"?

Neptune Rebel

I want to know whatever happened to the poll you were going to do of the top 10 NYT stories about SL.

Hamlet Au

Hopefully this week, Neptune! Sorry it got a bit lost in the backlog.

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