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Friday, January 15, 2010


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ColeMarie Soleil

Daniel for the win


I so agree, Ophelia.

This post sent me searching from one of the very first blogs I read when I came to Secondlife.

"Avatar as literacy", an interesting premise.

Hotness is more than visual. Hotness is skills, and how that is conveyed by originality, design, and intelligence in forever evolving ideas about one's presentation in this visual world. It's art.


"If I can compile a list that's so varied, everyone reading it can point to at least one male on it and say "He's hot", I've done what I set out to do."

*looks at the 10 flavors of white, emo, pretty-boy on the list*

...ummm... better luck next year, I guess...

Srsly, nothing against these guys, some of them are hella cute indeed, but I'd submit that they all pretty much appeal to one particular narrow "niche," as you described it, to the exclusion of the very diversity of hotness it seems from the quote above that you're seeking to represent.

In fact, in order to achieve such a list, I'm guessing you'd have to grit your teeth and actually include a beefcake or two, more than one man of color (I honestly can't tell if there's any on the current list that "count" in this regard), and maybe even a couple from the multitude of non-fashionista subcultures in SL, vast numbers of whom are constantly finding each other & hooking up, so clearly someone's 'hotness criteria' are being met :D

Adric Antfarm

What I see as hot, another may not, a third person has another idea of beauty altogether.

While I agree the discussion was borderline homophobia bait, it's a good example of how your task is hopeless and honestly - meaningless.

When one dinner guest dislikes beef and another chicken, the solution is not to bake a dish with everything in your kitchen. It's diverse, but hardly tasty to anyone.

If hot could be quantified, we would all get it more, but the world throws us at a suitor who one day wants a macho man and the next a French accent.

Hot is an individual heat setting.


I have found that looking at inside of an individual tends to show the real beauty of who they are.

Eddi Haskell

Iris, I would hate to say it, but I thought the picture above was a chick not a guy. Actually, I am gay but if I did decide the make the switch I would go for a girl who looks just like you in that picture above!


I am sorry to say but as I guy I am offended by this patheitc excue forwhat you call a guy. Its a chick with a dick is all that is. And I use the word "that" becuase IT isnt a guy.
But whats to be expected from a bunch of sissified second life users. blech. I'll take a noob guy over the sissy look anyday.

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