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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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Nahasa Singh

Neat ! Congratulations !

I only object to using the word "think" on Bit replies. That isn't "thinking" by any measure.

But hey, it's a very clever gadget. I wonder if a similar API could be developed to interface with SL search... so you could ask Bit "where's today best freebie jacket ?", "give me LM for wildest party tonight" and so on... with sponsored Bit answers ... :)

Extropia DaSilva

I have claimed that avatars will come to be seen as more than mere tools of communication. As work in artificial intelligence, semantic web, and various other areas of R+D gather pace and influence each other, avatars will move beyond mere tools and become more like partners, working with us and helping us to do more.

For instance, if chatbot technology gets good enough, Wagner James Au could operate the Hamlet avvie to personally interview one person, while at the same time send a copies of Hamlet (powered by an AI trained in journalism, specializing in virtual worlds and MMOGs) to interview other people elsewhere on the grid at the same time.

BTW, Hamlet, once RL names are allowed in SL, will you drop the 'Hamlet' psuedonym and call your avatar 'Wagner James Au' instead? And if so, will there be some kind of farewell party for the guy in the white suit?

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