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Friday, January 29, 2010


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Paisley Beebe

Redd Columbia appears on My TV show Tonight Live here: http://treet.tv/shows/tonightlive/episodes/ep105 what a talent!

Sasy Scarborough

Last week Whimsy declared "there needs to be more planes in Second Life" so random was this statement we had to ask 'why?" being on voice this conversation was even funnier. She then stated it had to be, because Redd had made a plane pillow!.

Everytime Redd makes something new you will find Whimsy nose deep in it, we have spent hours over the years in that store, and been delighted at the crazyness that is so entertaining, and yet so common a household good. I two days ago had Fashion Emergency lol'ing at the fact Whimsy vacuums her Second Life home, with of course Redds vaccuum.

I used to have her icecream display case at THe Deck's Deckhouse - it's snowing at the moment so it is away - Redd allows us to make fun of the funny, and to laugh at and amongst ourselves...instead of at others, a beautiful talent to have.



Redd is not only an amazing artist, but one of the kindest, most generous SL residents ever. Her Thanksgiving feast to benefit food banks is one of my fondest SL memories. She actually made a machinima that made me cry. I love her dearly <3

Marianne McCann

I first heard of Redd's stuff back in the Kindly days, an saw just how awesome and fun her "vision" was. Since then, he stuff has grown by leaps and bounds, and all is both well made and just so fun. It's one of the few places were I can still spend scores of Lindens without a thought.

And as Gattina said, she's incredibly charitable to boot. Her thanksgiving fundraiser was awesome, as was her donations to the ASPCA.

For more fun, check out her flickr, or some of those machinimas. Lunch still makes me laugh every time.

Angie Mornington

Redd is full of all kinds of awesome. Going to her shop is a happy experience. And her machinima is hilarious!

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