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Monday, January 11, 2010


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Bad idea to associate real life with sl, look at the Facebook controversy for starters (Facebook is recomending to NOT use personal information in many instances):


Arcadia Codesmith

Some of the work of some of my alts is copyrighted under my real name, but you'd have to do some moderately taxing detective work to dig it up.

While I don't care to limit any of my existing avatars with my RL identity, I would consider creating an avatar under my real name and appearance, for an occasion to which such superficial irrelvancies are significant -- a virtual reunion, perhaps.

I remain adamantly opposed to fostering this as the standard mode of SL interaction outside of such circumstance.

CyFishy Traveler

I voted "Yes" because I'm leaving the door open to breaking the line eventually, but I have no immediate plans to do so.

Nisei Oh

As an option, it's ok, but i hope not to find in the future a "Second Facebook" banning members with "fake" names (remember Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg words: “You can’t be on Facebook without being yourself,” Sandberg says, “We kick you off.”)

Lizzie Lexington

For me, I am comfortable with people knowing my "real life" details but I also respect the wishes of those who don't.

Arcadian Vanalten

I'm on the immersionist side of the slider. I come here to get *away* from my RL persona and obligations and just be me again. I know several co-workers at my agency who play SL, but we've all universally agreed that we don't wanna know who each other is in-world; nobody wants to be reminded of M-F 8-5 while in our virtual escapes from reality.

Nalates Urriah

SL is an escape and recreation. Adding RL ID removes some of the escapism.

I may at some point create an Alt that is associated with my RL ID, depending on what LL does with merchandise sales. More importantly, depending on what XStreetSL competitors do in the way of requiring ID. I want to be able to sell across all the grids.

Dedric Mauriac

I try to identify who I am in real life. It's more of a sense of improving my credibility, and to avoid living two lives. Still, my virtual persona is somehow more popular than my real life self in general according to Google.

Back in 2005, I wanted to use my real life name when I created my account, but that was not an option. Today media people can do it for 50 US$/year. Corporations can control last names for 500 US$/year plus a 500 setup fee. Hopefully soon the Lindens will allow individuals to choose their own last name. I am further hoping that I may be able to change my name rather than creating yet another alt.

Kean Kelly

I voted no. Not because I'm an immersionist at all. Just because I'm not comfortable with putting my identity out in the public on the web/Second Life. Walking down the street would be way safer. You dont wear your full name above your head, and not everybody can look up your address. I don't give out my address, name and number to complete strangers in RL either. So why should I want to do it on the web or on Second Life? The people who need to know and who I feel comfortable with, will naturally get the info needed.

Personally I find it would be a big mistake to turn SL into another RL. There are so many great experiences in leaving your nomral social markers behind and meet people, actually way more honest, than in the face-to-face world. I have gotten friends in SL that I'd prolly just passed with a shrug in RL, because of social status, age, etc. etc. And my worldview has expanded because of it.

Chimera Cosmos

I do educational work in SL, so I make it clear who I am in RL for collaboration purposes. But I completely respect the preference of some to be anonymous. I would oppose any move to make the RL-SL connection mandatory.

Otenth Paderborn

I try to be me, no matter where I am. I've had my given name and photo in my profile almost since the beginning. I also link my main blog and my virtual worlds blog, link the two personas on Facebook, and I identify most of my alts.

SL *is* RL. I'm a real person, my responses are real, my emotions are real, my actions have a real impact on others. The fact that I am known by a different name in SL and look different doesn't change that fact.

Cristopher Lefavre

I do not regard this question as black and white. I have one account that is and will remain rather disconnected from my RL, and another one that I associate with my real name.

This raises certain ethical questions, mostly taken care of by keeping the two avatars apart.

Both uses of virtual worlds have their benefits, and yes I would sign up for a RL account the day it becomes possible.

Nine Warrhol

That would be a solid no for me. I see no need in it, personally.

Senban Babii

While my meatlife name is vaguely associated with my avatar, I would not want it officially linked. I don't share meatlife details in-world with anyone apart from those I've grown to trust over a long period. If SL ever brought a policy in that it was compulsory, I'd uninstall on the spot and go somewhere else, somewhere that remembers what Second Life was supposed to be about.

Scarp Godenot

I take the art world in Second Life seriously as the forefront of 3d art experienced inside of Virtual Reality.

Therefore I connect to my RL name. My RL name is my Brand for my physical art. My SL name is my Brand for my Virtual Art.

They both need to be connected to the same source. And that source needs to be able to be easily contacted for Real World monetary benefits.

I think that there is a distinction between those using SL solely for entertainment and friendship, and those who are incorporating SL into their careers. The latter are inclined to link RL identity, whereas the former have no need to do so.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

Yeah, my primary avatar is me and is so for work purposes. I can still become immersed as a dreadlocked flying dude when I'm out exploring, working on a build, etc.

ALTs, however, are ALTs...

Burgundy Mirajkar

My primary avatar's name can be traced to my RL name fairly easily because they were listed side by side for an SL presentation I did a while back, but that was unexpected and unintentional. This avatar is the one I consider my "professional alt," and it's the one I created to have linked to my RL information while my original avatar continued leading a fully immersed SL. ("Professional alt" because I do research in SL.)

Kaseido Quandry

My SL "First Life" tab suggests that a simple Google search will generate my RL information. That leaves it up to, as they say, "the viewer's discretion."

For anyone for whom RL identity matters, they can find it with a minute's work. For those who prefer their SL without RL, I don't push my RL at them.

I do maintain completely unconnected alts, just as I typically don't go around in RL wearing a nametag.

Loquacia Loon

I don't make my RL identity a big secret - I don't put it on my profile but if I'm in conversation with someone in SL and they are interested in what I do, I send them in the direction of my RL litblog and maybe my Facebook page.

I do like the SL/RL disconnect though, and the way we are freed up from being a particular age/ gender/ race/ culture, which is one of the biggest strengths of SL to me.

Elsbeth Writer

I do have certain RL facts in my profile and I don't mind letting people know where I am in RL. (I don't give my exact address,of course, just city and state) To me, it is a conversation starter if someone is from the same region. My avatar first name is a variation of my RL name and most pople call me Elizabeth anyway. On the other hand, I have alts that no one knows about, so I can have my anonymity as well as being open. Perfect world, imho.

Erbo Evans

I don't particularly hide my RL identity from my SL identity, but neither do I particularly publicize it. A sufficiently-motivated searcher would be able to figure me out, I suppose. And far from discarding the identity of "Erbo Evans" in SL, I've carried it over to EVE Online as well, so I won't be abandoning the name anytime soon.

Nexus Burbclave

In my case its probably more accurate to say that I don't actively disassociate my RL and SL identities. I've got tweets and blog posts that tie my RL and SL identity to each other, so I have no illusion of being truly anonymous, but I still would find it somewhat jarring to hear my real name used in a virtual context. I may still wind up creating a "professional alt" when real names come online though. That said, making the use of RL names a requirement would be a deal breaker for me.

brinda allen

Absolutely not...Way too many people in any world with "odd" interests


I agree Brinda.

There are just too many wacko's in this world for people to just be handing out their real names which can easily be tracked to their real life locations\workplaces\phone numbers, etc.

My prediction is more and more press releases will occurr mentioning people who are harmed in real life for things they have done on the web or in games. Eventually there will be a privacy crackdown of sorts.

Sioban McMahon

I am open about my RL name, I need to be because we represent a RL non-profit and collect donations. Everything needs to be transparent. I don't put my RL name in my profile, but give it in interviews and when asked.

The vast majority of people I've gotten to know in SL are very nice and I haven't been unconfortable linking my RL and SL identity.

Paisley Beebe

I like my SL name, and my SL "persona" which is really just me in better clothes and with a better figure and face...but I actually like the name. Now I wouldn't change my real life name to that name. I think I would keep both...and as I do now use either depending on the situation. I do recall a well known English Author Ruth Rendel using 2 names for publishing. One is her Murder Mystery persona and the other a more romantic Novelist..Barbara Vine, and no one thought she was a weirdo for having 2 names in fact she is a Baroness, hugely successful and people buy both type of books. Authors have used pseudonyms for centuries for all sorts of reasons, being known as 2 names and accepted as such. Not at all like a Hollywood actor changing their name and never ever being known as the original name..

I think at the moment I rather like the Author approach, being openly known as both Leonie Smith and Paisley Beebe, both are on the web both known for different careers but there is overlap...and a blend. Will I keep it Up? I do not know, but right now it just feels nice...(I also have a married name I keep private, for the sake of my family...)

soror nishi

I like my privacy.

Jack Abraham

If linking RL and SL identities becomes mandatory, I'm out of SL. I have nothing in particular to hide, but no exhibitionistic streak either; if you can't appreciate me in SL for who I am in SL, then I don't care to know you.

Crap Mariner

Yes, but all things considered, it would have been nice to pick "Magnet" instead of "Mariner."



I try and make sure I am completely integrated across all the platforms. Epredator becomes a handle for online actitivity. I have attempted to not have alts to see what situations that causes.
I have been into roleplay situations, and games tend to drop into that too.
My experiment is really that I want to experience the difficulties, but start from an integrated and honest identity.
I am the same person at work, in the pub or online but exhibit different sides and augmentations based on the platforms.
I have a lot of respect for those who keep alternate identities. That is a hard, and interesting approach.
I am usually concerned by people that attempt to be exactly the same on "real person" in every situation on and offline. We have modes of working and shades to who we are and so be exactly the same in all situations is unusual.

Extropia DaSilva

Thing is, it makes sense to say 'George Elliot's real name was Mary Evans' because the the first name was a psuedonym. But, it makes no sense to say 'Silas Marner's real name was Mary Evans' because Silas was a character created BY Evans, NOT a psuedonym. So the real name of Silas Marner was, arguably, Silas Marner.

In that case, since I am a digital person (a character RP'd in virtual worlds), surely my real name is Extropia DaSilva?

Shiro Ishii

The most important thing that distinguishes SL from other online activities and experiences is user generated content. This starts with the avatar: its name and appearance.

Increasing options for people to choose any names they want is good. Like Voice (until avatar voices can be customized in the same way as appearance), however, things that make SL less about user generated content are bad, in my opinion.

Bad for the user experience, but also bad for LL's long-term bottom line; if SL is more like Facebook, that helps Facebook, not SL.

Business tip: when your "product" has unique features that people can't get elsewhere, that's what you need to be marketing, not "me, too" features.

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