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Monday, January 04, 2010


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Net Antwerp

Well, you missed the part where Linden Research *customers* are extremely unhappy at some of the destructive announcements/changes made since Philip stepped down (as CEO).

Along with Kingdon censoring my comment on the Linden Blogs and firing off an "Congratulations! Your post has been digested and shredded by Linden Research!" e-mail at the same time.

Recapping a man's history doesn't fit the "Personal Attacks" category.

Balthasar Bookmite

Yeah not a fan of M. Who is that with Philip?

Maxim Alley

Love how people have such a 'golden era' view of Philip.

This type of statement is loco:

"Well, you missed the part where Linden Research *customers* are extremely unhappy at some of the destructive announcements/changes made since Philip stepped down (as CEO)".

Philip is still behind SL, he's now hiding behind M and the new management team. LL have never individually cared for you. It's a business. Get over yourselves.

Looking at this blog, it would seem it's heading in the right direction. It may not please the old users, who I know for a fact probably don't even have a premium account. They constantly gripe about how good it was way back when, how it should be all free love and burning man!

The truth: LL should have made these changes between 2003-2008. They would be in better position now if they did, it's catch up time.


Vooper Werribee

Hi Hamlet - the link to the April 09 Dune Enforcers article is broken - seems to have gotten a bit mangled - here's the correct link: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2009/04/enforcers-of-dune.html

Hamlet Au

Ack, fixed. Thanks for noticing, Vooper!

Tinsel Silvera

Hey Hamlet. I am curious as to why you would say that Philip has resigned when he is still Chairman, still coming in-world and still blogging about SL? I thought he was just no longer involved in the day-to-day operations. Also, I thought you stopped being a Linden back in 2006. If you still are, can I have a Bear for my collection? Thanks.

Hamlet Au

Hi Tinsel, I think I still have a copy of my Linden bear, IM me. But you're right, I stopped being a Linden in 2006; what I meant was I'm the last person from the early SL era still involved on a regular basis. Philip is still Chairman, but he's just doing occasional blog posts and appearances from time to time.

Net Antwerp


Please take a look at all of the awesome! comments Linden Research *customers* are making towards the Kingdon management (last 18 months):


Philip wasn't perfect, either. But Philip didn't make all those destructive, community-crushing and unwanted changes that Kingdon's team made. Philip's modest approach to Second Life brought substantial growth to the platform - something that Kingdon is beginning to erode with his "My way, *MY* way only" approach.

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