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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Damien Fate

This was a very fun project to work on, it was done almost 2 years before I saw the final product :D


good goin guys..



does this mean that sl machinima is ok to use in movies without paying someone? I could make a whole comercial film and it'd be free and i dont have to mention sl, linden or the person i bought the armor from or the sim designer?


no it dosent.
assuming how long the Ill clan have been working in media and looking at their work, one is pretty sure that all images seen are created by them.

they used SL as an ENGINE, not a sweat shop.

frank dellario

Hey Sowamai, people do get paid as items in SL are purchased. Much like in live action filmmaking, if an actor wears jeans in a scene, you don't make them from scratch, you buy them from the Gap or another store. The gap gets paid because they sold a pair of jeans. You dont have to get permission from them, or other product manufacturers to use the products they sell, otherwise films would never get made. Think of all the cars, buildings, clothes, furniture, etc you see in a movie (a lot). So it's the same precident with virtual goods.

Re credits, if the animation is produced using flash or Maya, those programs don't get mentioned in the credits. SL is just a means of producing animation in regards to a film like this.

So you can produce animation in SL and get paid for doing so, and you pay for products, and pay people to puppeteer, create custom avatars and animations, locations and props, pay location fees, etc.

Pooky Amsterdam

Great use of Second Life as a platform, and wonderful to see this article.
Love Second Life as a graphical engine and of course as one for media.


As I said before, machinima movies are made using computer games graphical engines.

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