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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


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Chrome Underwood

Kudos to a brave and talented soul, who has not only proven that virtual worlds can be a viable medium for architecture, but that cross-cultural, global collaboration can occur on a grand scale and have a significant impact on the world around us... and this is just the beginning.

As for the hostility and skepticism from his fellow architects, all I can say is that someone has to lead the way, and the first ones in seem to get all the arrows. A true pioneer, it seems to me.

Scarp Godenot

I love this whole event and the story behind it. It is interesting that the ability to experience the design from the inside is what made the difference with the client. This is also what makes SL or Virtual World art different than anything that has existed previously. "Experience from within the piece".

Excellent story, thanks.

Ann Otoole

Isn't that the mall in this video by Draxtor Despres? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP1vr3zSVCE

Bob Ketner

What a great success in proving the abilities in a professional context. We have a similar approach in exhibit design and also recently created a space to look at a full interior ( http://thetechvirtual.org/blog/2010/01/15/rapid-prototyping-an-entire-museum-gallery) instead of using an architecture model.

We're just starting with some new partnerships and finally feel we're able to prove some of these same points. I'm looking for serious Second Life users who want to build great exhibit examples we'll be showing to the museum industry. Contact: rketner[at]thetech.org

Hamlet Au

"Isn't that the mall in this video by Draxtor Despres?"

Yes, after talking with him about the project at SLCC, my GF Schlink Lardner put David in touch with the State Department, which coordinated that presentation Draxtor shot.

Extropia DaSilva

Wow, Hamlet, you have such a lovely job, being paid to meet such talented people in RL and SL. I get rewarded too by reading your blog. It's always a great reminder that, yes, SL is far from perfect but it still has great potential derived from the collaborative efforts of so much diverse talent.

Much kudos to you, my friend:)

Extropia DaSilva- trapped in virtual worlds until decent telepresence robots or holograms or something like that is available and affordable.

Ann Otoole

Thanks for confirming that Hamlet. That was an interesting but much too short time period in which the government appeared to be interested in virtual worlds. Seems like all of that has vaporized as the administration retracted into useless partisanship. Was a nice false start though. Maybe in 3 years we can elect a non DNC/GOP younger, smarter, more tech hip, and more honest slate to DC and get things rolling again.

Maria Korolov

If public access isn't an issue -- here, the client watched over the architect's shoulder -- than a better fit than Second Life would be realXtend or the OpenSim version, modrex.

realXtend and modrex allow imports of actual architecture drawings, since they offer full mesh support. That means that the architect only has to build once, not twice.

However, since they support mesh objects, these builds can't be accessed by standard browsers.

On the plus side, hosting costs are a tenth of what they are in Second Life.

See article here: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2009/07/crescendo-architects-virtually/

After Second Life and mainline OpenSim start supporting mesh imports (expected sometime this year), then we might see a sharp increase in architects using the platform since a lot more people are familiar with Second Life/OpenSim than with realXtend.

-- Maria Korolov
Editor, Hypergrid Business

Ann Otoole

@maria - The last LL Office Hour I attended pretty much indicated mesh may not be happening in 2010 as it is apparently not an official project. I was left confused about it since they have some people under NDA to test mesh and give feedback and there is is a set of 4 Meshopotamia regions in aditi that are private access. So what gives?

LL really needs to learn that transparency <> opaque sekret projekts.

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