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Friday, January 15, 2010


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Eddi Haskell

I perform many weddings in Second Life as a minister. By far, the strangest wedding I was at was one is which I was asked to allow myself to be controlled by animations. I was wearing robes, and in the middle of the ceremony my arms were extended and I was hovering over my pulpit emitting particles and stuff - really odd I looked like a combination of Oral Robers combined with the Good Witch Glinda from the Wizard of Oz.

Chestnut Rau

Guest of honor? Oh gosh, dunno. I was just one of many in the appreciative crowd. The honor goes to the many incredible artists who created the performance.

Walker Spaight

The strangest SL wedding I ever attended was of course my own!



Malkavyn Eldritch

A vampire was the preacher... and two ageplay av's were the flower girl/ring barer. The ring barers diaper kept talking through the whole thing about needing to be changed... only in SL ...

Sioban McMahon

Imagine a lovely white marble covered terrace with stained glass panels and roses around all the columns. Now, imagine the groom's side of the aisle....all goreans. The bride's side....all escorts and clients of escorts. Guests had to be checked for weapons on arrival and spot checked during the ceremony that they hadn't put them back on.

Another unusual wedding, the ceremony and participants were all quite conventional looking...except that the wedding was done in voice and the groom kept taking bong hits with his microphone open. Occasionally dropped the bong and giggled, too. That partnership lasted about a week.

Adric Antfarm

Eddi, I would work for free to get some of that fun. Let me arrange flowers or something.

Wait, we can crack on customers by name on the web, right?

Oh, points for Oral reference. Right down the street from ORU.

Effie Emmons

I may not have the popular opinion here, but after all it is my opinion. To me all SL weddings are strange. I have only been to two weddings in SL by choice. I was shocked to hear RL wedding vows being exchanged between avies. Perhaps, I have a very sacred view on weddings, but I really feel that they are mocking the meaning of RL marriages.

Will my mind change in the future? I don't know.

PS Yes, I am partnered in SL. No, we did not have a wedding. I do think they are two different things.

Lizzie Lexington

I agree with Effie - I think they are all strange as well.

Nadine nozaki

I hope mine will count. I'm a vampire and mistress to my lovely wife xerxis we was married in a quite nice sermony with me as ministern for the first part. Asking the guest if anyone objected I took my girl as wife. When that was done we drank some blood and in a very nice sermony offered an enemy to a summonend sky demon.

Lalo Telling

The only SL wedding I've attended was as the commissioned photographer. The groom and groom were from opposite sides of the Atlantic; the American half of the couple lived in a state which will probably be among the very last to accept same-sex RL marriages.

I disagree with Effie that SL weddings "mock" the RL ceremony... but here's some irony: During the rehearsal, I jokingly asked the "officiant" if he used the phrase "by the power vested in me" during his ceremony. His straight-faced answer was "Yes."

Think about it: There is -no- power vested in him, or anyone else. SL weddings have meaning only to the couple, and only for as long as they share the fantasy... which, on average in SL, is about two months.

Dio Kuhr

Well, I gotta admit I tend to agree with Lalo and some of the other folks here that all SL weddings have an odd feel to them for one reason or another.

Ironically I just went through one myself yesterday in Deadwood, though it was primarily for the purpose of bringing closure to an rp storyline rather than being anything about some SL relatiomiship that has any other signficiance than being an element of storytelling.

That said, it did have some unique aspects: the venue for the ceremony was the Gem saloon; the bride was given away by the drunken town doctor; and the reception ended with a series of fistfights and the bride using a pool cue to knock down a fella who insulted one of her bridesmaids.

But all in all, I think that it didn't really qualify as what you'd call strange. If anything, in the context, it all seemed perfectly normal, and everyone said they had a great time.

So maybe that's the thing--in a way, yes, ALL SL weddings are strange...and at the same time, in the context of life on the platform, they're all perfectly normal and quite what you'd expect.

For some pics of our Deadwood saloon wedding, you can go to:


Wili Clip

Its true that Second Life weddings have a meaning only for a couples that are getting married. In some case there isn't even a need to have a wedding minister avatar that is operated by some real life man. I've scripted an automated wedding minister and many couples decide to have a wedding by this wedding robot :)
which is interesting.

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