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Thursday, January 28, 2010


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I lol'ed.. definitely none of them are the hottest or close to it.

Midnight Melodie
SLook.org CEO

ColeMarie Soleil

Where's Daniel?

This top ten fails XD


Wow what is with the bitchy people on NWN? Really. Maybe she just wants pictures of Daniel.

ColeMarie Soleil

Not that it matters but....
I am aware and CAN read...
I was being sarcastic about Daniel not being posted in the first half...
as in if he's not in the second half then it's just a big joke anyway
man I've been getting IMs in world about one sarcastic one line comment
You people take beauty pagents WAY too seriously
*hands you some ambien*

Scylla Rhiadra

I think this is really marvelous! All that's really needed now is the addition of some semi-nude shots! And then, maybe renaming the feature to ... um, oh, I don't know ... Something like Post 7, perhaps?

Just a thought ...

Nine Warrhol

This top 10 is excellent! Oh hai Scylla..lol


Great picks! - I already had secret crushes on half these guys - *blushes. They are hot in so many ways beyond beefcake, thanks!

Gahum Riptide

ColeMarie: For someone who champions Daniel who you say doesn't care about this, you sure seem to care a LOT. Someone who doesn't take this that seriously doesn't pop up in almost every thread on this contest and wildly scream a guy's name like a big fangirl.


We want daniel luchador!!!!!!!!!!


I'm also a fangirl, I nominated the guy.

There are scores of us wearing our TEAM DANIEL shirts and screaming like teenagers all over the place.

ColeMarie Soleil

I don't actually give a shit about the winners as far as the beauty pageant goes. I just am tired of year after year they have these stupid things and I feel it's about time that someone other than a "pretty avie" gets it. I'm not a fangirl over Daniel per say. I'm just a fan of anyone who doesn't fit the mold they've been tossing at us with this crap. I don't care about the superficiality winnings I care that people start seeing SL for what it is. A tool for creative people to shine... not a place for people with lindens who can make a pretty avie to gloat ;p

hi5s gattina


Cole, I do agree with us SL is a tool for creative people which is fantastic and great. However this is the top ten hottest men. It's made for people who take time to make there avi look nice and well put together. NWN may claim "We want to show SL that there are more then buff male avs out there" but there is still a stander mole which, Ironically Daniel falls into. To be nominated you have to be "e-popular" in SL and have a pack of followers to vote for you no matter if you are a good person or not. Daniel may look like a toy box throw up on him, and you may thing "HA SUCK IT PRETTY AVIS WE GOT DANIEL IN" but it doesn't make him or you any less shallow or more important then the rest of us.


What I find funny is you all say it's a joke and the only reason why someone nominated Daniel was to make a fun of it. Well guess what, that in itself makes you just as bad.


I think this is sort of why this "contest" is so interesting. Gabe you feel Daniel looks "like a toy box throw up on him (sic)" and he was nominated because he is e-popular , and you are welcome to that opinion. I am just not totally convinced that is why people voted for him. Daniel is one of my best SL pals and I have spent a lot of time with him and the number of messages he gets from female avs is pretty substantial. And I also mean random IMs from girls he does not know sending him IMs wanting to get to know him. Yeah, Daniel is a great builder and a super talented scripter but I don't think that is WHY the girls all swoon. The kid has charisma, he just does. No matter how pretty someone makes their av you cannot buy charisma with L, and I think it comes through on how he carries himself in SL. If someone is a mouthbreather on SL, that will come through no matter what their av looks like.If someone is smart and funny and interesting that also comes through. So you can think Daniel was voted for as a protest against typical "attractive" men in SL, but tbh I think he was voted for because even though his av is not typically HOT, when you meet Daniel in SL he comes off as being very attractive.

As far as the contest goes, I think Daniel was refreshing to a lot of people because those of us who know him in-world know he just found it amusing to be nominated, he never once campaigned to have people vote for him nor did he walk around mentioning it. If you go back and look at some of the comments by other male nominees a lot of them took this VERY SERIOUSLY and even resorted to insulting each other. Daniel has just sort of acknowledged this all with a bemused gratitude which also adds to his "attractiveness." I know I did not vote for Daniel as a type of "protest" against what Iris was trying to do here, I nominated him because when I heard HOT MALE AV Daniel came to mind. I think a lot of people who voted for him feel the same.

James Schwarz




Hamlet Au

... and before any more whack-a-mole drama emerges, that's a nice place as any to end this comment thread.

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