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Monday, January 11, 2010


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Arcadian Vanalten

Well, for one thing, those worlds are very, very accessible. I've been in world long enough that I've had to beef up my computer and retire systems just to keep up, a few times. However, my old one, which is well below minimum specs for SL, still runs Facebook and YoVille effortlessly.

Another point is that YoVille in particular has a built-in monster of a referral base due to its association with Facebook. It's a rare person who wouldn't have SOME friend or friend of a friend willing to spam 'em into making a YoVille account.

I wonder, though, how many of those YoVillagers are actually really involved? That whole First Hour SL thing also applies to YoVille, at least in my case. I tried it in response to requests from buddies, didn't care for it myself, but still have an account there.

YoVille has a popularity contesty kinda component where there's some incentive to have more people in your circle, and more transactions between them, so the actual level of true dedicated users who just go in, play and hang out may be greatly lesser than those of use who have an account, accessed it once or twice, but don't even remember how to log into it now and just pretty much swap swag to be polite and get the junk outta the inbox.

Metacam Oh

Sure these 2.5D worlds are surging right now, but whats the shelf life for Yoville? I know people already tired of Farmville have moved on to Yoville, but what of Yoville when they move to the next one?

Koinup Burt

Probably there are many causes for this lack of growth for 3D worlds.

1. Media seems ignoring virtual worlds and their potential

2. Tech macrotrends are not focused on 3d worlds development. Social media are the hot tag for marketers, along with mobile, augmented reality, apps store

3. 3D Worlds are in their early days of development. We're in sort of alpha/beta public phase. Interface issues, lag bugs, concurrency in regions, empty crow paradox and others....all of this don't help

4. Not all the players in the industry are excellent brands, nor all of them are marketing correctly their products

All of this contribute to the establishment of this sort of growth plateau.

What I'd like to see more and what I think would help 3D worlds to improve their growth?

A correct brand and marketing positioning! Let me talk a bit specifically of Second Life

I mean, I'm not so sure that Second Life must be marketed as a social environment. I'm more focused on thinking Second Life as a sort of 3D and live evolution of a 3D software for modeling or animation as Daz or Poser or Studio Max.

I think that Second Life will express all its potential if it will be correctly marketed as a collaborative/immersive 3D tool for creation.

As a social environment, Second Life pale in front of Yoville or Habbo or a social network.

But if we talk about user generated contents. Well, Second Life is probably the most glorious product ever made in the last 10 years.

When the world will be ready to be used as a professional tool for creation/collaboration/artistic creation/machinima creation, well I bet then it will start again to grow hugely.

Facebook connection and real life identities will help but won't change the growth. Probably advertising on the correct verticals will do more.

Sometime I think to the glorious machinima community. There are thousands of machinimists out there. Its non an uninfluent community.

Well, I think: don't you find odds that hundreds of machinimists prefer to use GTA than Second Life? If this happens, there's something that it's not working correctly in Second Life.

Second Life could be the definitive platform for machinima. No copyright issues, a millions item catalogue of stuffs, a perfect day/night cycle editor........why the machinima community is not migrated completely in Second Life?

Probably because the Lab don't consider the creation of a PRO platform for machinima a priority, and probably this argument works also for all the other areas of creations (building, architecture, design, etc)

Second Life has a wonderful/incredible potential (and the Lab is doing a great job, honestly) but there's a sort of uncertainty in the way on how to develop and market it.

We have to promote it as a 3d social environment where to take our own persona or its a huge and incredible 3D user generated platform? My choice is the second option


Arcadia Codesmith

Some things of note about YoVille:

1) It's more a game than a virtual world. They've taken the MMO leveling treadmill and distilled it -- like turning cocaine into crack. Comparing SL to YoVille in that sense is about as instructive as comparing it to Solitaire or Bejeweled.

2) It advertises itself. Incessantly. Every time you click one of those "share with friends" popups, it's giving a free Facebook ad to Zynga.

3) You get a free apartment on login. It's not a limited-time offer. It's a nice-sized space that expands as you level. It's instanced, so you have privacy and you don't have to deal with griefing neighbors. You can buy other houses with additional space and features, but your free apartment never goes away.

4) You can shop without leaving your apartment. Most everything is listed in the in-game catalog -- no need to pull up a web browser and log into an external site. Stores are categorized and arranged in a logical manner that makes it easy to find what you're looking for, but doesn't preclude just thumbing through for fun.

4) The two-tier cash system means that you can buy money to spend, but you can also earn in-games coins through mini-games that are spendible on various game-provided items.

5) Your starting avatar doesn't look any more (or less) like a dork than somebody who's rich and has been playing forever. You can go places fresh off the boat and not be humiliated.

6) Flash is ubiquitous. There's essentially no client to download.

And with all that said... as a social world, it's an utter and abject failure compared to the richness of Second Life. It's not bad for a Flash game, but that's all it really is, a hugely popular Flash game with delusions of being a social virtual world.

Melissa Yeuxdoux

Forcing Second Life into the mold that gives [fill in the blank]Ville its appeal (cheesy graphics and pre-imposed goals that just require gruntwork that can be, if one wishes, done in small doses as time is available, with enough rewards to be addictive and enough rewards for pulling in friends to make it viral) would destroy Second Life.

Second Life needs to improve the facilities it offers creators and artists. Otherwise, Second Life's best and brightest will eventually give up on it as a creative medium, as Miriel Enfield did. The consumers will get a few items to their liking and then stop--things in Second Life don't wear out, and forcing them to would lead to a huge protest and rebellion, so if new features aren't there to inspire advances and improvements, why buy another rehash of something someone's already done?

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