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Saturday, January 02, 2010


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Toxic Menges

Narrative machinima is a LOT more difficult than non linear machinima, yet is regularly treated as the poorer cousin. It's a shame that this art form suffers from this affliction.

Great machinima both of you!


They are both great productions. I've left narrative since I realize that most of us machinimator still ignored by the SL media. you know It have to worth in some way, or else it doesn't make sense.

Komuso Tokugawa

This is a 2007 pilot for a machinima series where the song backstory is the narrative.


The song itself has now morphed somewhat from this version ( see Poor Boy Bluestronica http://www.sonicviz.com/music/ktblues/music.php )but the character is still there. I must do episode 2 soon...;-)

Komuso Tokugawa

Actually just to add why I never proceeded with the machinima series...

While I have extensive editing and short film making experience I made the Poor Boy machinima as a test of how quickly one person could throw together a reasonable production using content creators props, as well as seeing how Windows Movie Maker stood up for doing a simple video.
Poor Boy was made over 3 days.

However, I put the rest of the series on hold due to critical functionality missing from SL that imho is needed for reasonable narrative machinima and ease of production workflow.

. Easy facial animation and morhping
. Easy lip synching
. Shadows!
. Better client performance to achieve high fps
etc etc

We still need the above, in Jan 2010...

Komuso Tokugawa

and avatar puppeteering with programmable access...

*sigh* one can hope I guess

ColeMarie Soleil

It WOULD be nice if someone scripted controllable avatars like Meat Carver had shown me where we could move them via a controller without having to cam move all the time... I would really love to see better avatar directing inventions. Where we don't need to tell people what to do all the time. It's a nightmare sometimes to explain things when some people have a hard time taking directions even in SL. >.< *dreams on*

Oh and
of course I <3 miss harvey

Chantal Harvey

Is there not one kick-ass scripter in Second Life that can develop facial emotions? And better body language??? Please contact me if you can....

Lowe Runo

Thanks for the comments. Yes hindsight is 20/20 and I will take more care with dialogue in part 2, with new voice talent on the way. Tips me hat to Chantal for job well done! :-P

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