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Saturday, January 09, 2010


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Diana Renoir

They should definitely have Zak Claxton!! Although he doesn't incorporate multimedia in his inworld shows, he recently released a RL Cd under his SL name and at the release party he performed simultaneously in RL and SL, as can be seen here...Zak Claxton: Album release party at The Bean Counter (12.11.09) http://bit.ly/5P4TFi


Gayle Cabaret

Try out Real Folk. They play Sundays at Headwaters. See Richard Meiklejohn's profile. They are tons of fun.

Arif Emor

I suggest covering Cypress Rosewood, TJ Oanomochi, and a D.J. named LilTank Thibedeau.

Aree Lulibub

POL Arida, Woodsong Zapatero, Zorch Boomhauer, Ziffy Zarf, BlindBoink Parham,

Strachan Ofarrel

Jaynine Scarborough

Nine Warrhol

PM Bookmite for sure.. he is awesome! He also does live piano while singing, and he is goooood.

Crap Mariner

Hands down, Thumper Boucher and Sherry Margulis would win on points for immersive experience with the platform.

Cypress Rosewood
Frogg and Jaycatt (at HIPS on Saturdays)
Kyle Beltran (for cabaret-style banter)
Born Again Pagans
Silas Scarborough at Circe's (with hexx on fireworks)
Dexter Inhen

(Beth is sitting next to me, giving me serious grief, eh.)


Ayesha Lytton

Some of my favorite SL musicians who have not yet been mentioned:

Tamra Sands (Broadway, rock/blues & Singer/Songwriter)
Zachh Cale (piano/voice)
Christopher135 Quan (piano/voice)
Cylindrian Rutabaga (can't believe no one has mentioned her yet!)
Senjata Witt (rock/blues)

Hamlet Au

This is great, but more website and SLurls, please, it'll make Willow's scouting job much easier!

Delinda Dyrssen

Allof the Musicans that we have already had and that are coming up On Live n Kickin are worthy and we have some nice embeddable video for you!

Delinda Dyrssen

oh Website! http://archive.treet.tv/programs/live-n-kickin surls change every week different location can check my blog usually post by Sunday nights there http://delindasdiary.wordpress.com/

Jemma Bonne

One musician not to be left off the list is Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler. He has been featured on the Paisley Beebe Live show and was the debut performer on the treet TV show Delinda just mentioned, Live N Kicking. He is an unusual blend of both vocal and guitar playing talent, and he is definitely one to check out. You can find out more about him from the following links:

Sioban McMahon

Tone Uriza, Avatar Quinzet, Duncan Bagley, ALVERIC, Jean Munro, DannyQuinn Irelund, Zorch Boomhauer, Slip Stringfellow, Savannah Coronet, Brendan Shoreland, MJX8P Netizen, Cindy Ecksol, Newbawn Easterwood, Quinton Whitman.

Maurice Mistwallow

A couple of artists already mentioned that I will second are Frogg and Jaycatt and PM Bookmite. They are both great.

In addition to this, not to be missed are
Shannon Oherlihy -

and Strum Diesel -

They are both awsome... they play pretty much every night in SL and are well worth checking out!


TallGuy Kidd, Idella Quandry, Horacios Allen

Bacon Hellershanks

Two groups in my SL profile are IndieSpectrum Radio and The Originals.

"IndieSpectrum Radio's purpose is to promote SL independent musicians by broadcasting their music across Second Life and the World Wide Web."
Xtream Hotspot (223, 30, 22)

IndieSpectrum founder Fox Reinsch owns Mad Wax Records in the Chilbo community. I'm hoping to get a gig there as a DJ one of these days.
Madhupak (46, 218, 95)

The Originals are a "group of artists touring SL playing original material. [Our] showcase events are held monthly [and] fans of live music are welcome to join us!"


Who the hell are these persons??? Are they supposed to be famous?? These names mean nothing to me


Several artists come to mind when talking about music in second life.
Allister Westland is an sl rocker who plays all his backing tracks. http://www.myspace.com/allisterwestland
Edward Kyomoon is a Seattle based rocker and has a huge following in SL...http://web.mac.com/ddevore42/EdwardKyomoon/Edward_Kyomoon.html
New to the scene is the three member band, The Follow, who is not only known for rocking SL but RL as well.http://thefollow.com/livestream/index.html

Harper Beresford

I second Jaynine Scarborough, who has been VERY active as a musician in SL and has joined up with other musicians in SL for projects. (And has a beautiful space as well.)

I also suggest Arimo Texeira.

Komuso Tokugawa

"Bonus points for performers who aren't just performing in front of a mic, but also integrate the metaverse as a medium in their show to create a fully immersive experience, ala Grace McDunnough and ChouChou."

Damn, I thought I had done some of that in collaboration with some other SL musicians too!

http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2008/02/bettinas-choi-1.html or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVHoNhiowVA

Hathead Rickenbacker
Moshang Zhao
Noma Falta

Stay tuned...more to come soon;-)

Bacon Hellershanks

Has anyone mentioned Eva Moon and the Lunatics?



I'd nominate junivers Stockholm

juni is an active live SL musician who was involved with both 'The Wall' and 'The Rings' productions, as well as Yoko Ono's SL appearance and many other social and good-cause events.

Tremendously moving music.


Gonzo Tigerfish

"The Follow"

Taken from the Rock For Kent Event, this live video brings two worlds together, real life and second life. The Follow performs Somewhere Else during the Woodcrest Auditorium concert on September 18th, 2009.


Effie Emmons

Ooops, I overlooked one...

Lightnin Lowtide (http://www.myspace.com/stanbolton)


Trowzer Boa Sunset Jazz monday's at 6 slt he doesn't used mixed reality, he does use the "bots" who are AI-- backing tracks that are generated by a mathematical algorithm that is slightly different every time.

Also I think someone mentioned Moshang I really enjoy his stuff too.

Shiryu Musashi

Lollo String. probably the best voice in SL.


Another VERY LOUD vote for strum Diesel!!!!

Also Hazideon Zarco, Raspbury Rearwin, Starflower Orbit, and definitely LANCE Rembrandt.

I have an inworld music info resource called Mad Wax Records (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Madhupak/38/218/95 ) that features info on live original performers. Any one of them should get some attention.


yes, STRUM

Also, Hazideon Zarco, Starflower Orbit, JueL Resistance, LANCE Rembrandt


(sorry about the double, I didn't see the pagination)

Kate Miranda

I hope you'll be covering classical music as well!
Music Island will be presenting the Second Life debut of Operatic Tenor Kain Scalia in concert this Saturday, Jan. 23 @ 1:30 pm. The program of favorite tenor arias and leider is available on the Music Island site at: http://musicisland.ning.com/events/kain-scalia-tenor
On Sunday Jan. 24, Violinist Izabela Jaworower takes the stage in a program featuring the sonata form http://musicisland.ning.com/events/izabela-jaworower-winter

Twstd Ruggles

There are so many good musicians in SL:

LANCE Rembrandt
Mankind Tracer
Dexter Ihnen
Juel Resistance
Cylindrian Rutabaga
Noma Falta
Keiko Takamura
The Follow
Edward Kyomoon

Feel free to check out The Stream Scene on MBC. www.metaversetv.com. Many people use our show as a source of scouting good musicians in SL for the own events and shows. We just started new season and will be bringing some hot new talent and of course our veteran pros who have been successfully entertaiing people in SL for years.

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