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Thursday, February 18, 2010


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Nexii Malthus

Oh wow.

THAT is quite a significant feat.

Hitomi Tiponi

Just a factual point - Transylvania is only part of modern-day Romania (depending on how you define the old boundaries, no more than half). It is not clear from the article where Diana comes from in Romania.

Best of luck with City of Eternals - sounds interesting even though I have no interest in vampire roleplay.

Isadora Fiddlesticks

I'm in good company! Pretty ladies they are too! Started playing using my RL email address as it was the address I used in FB.

Hamlet Au

Rocking, Isadora! I'll Minion ya. :)


Wagner, I enjoy reading your informative news blog regularly. Might be time for a blog slogan change. Is “Reporting first-hand from SL” still exact. Would it be more precise to just change that heading to “Reporting on businesses placing money in Wagner’s hands”. Seriously man, haven’t you already got your book featured, and a bunch of right-side advertisements going on here.

The higher female demographics are because the ladies love them some Facebooks -as simple as that. Hook a game app up to Redneck Truckers .org and you get some stats like …damn son, redneck truckers love to play this here blood vampire application –hooyah! FB appeals to a large segment of women, like Oprah.

Hamlet Au

Actually, Mycroft, more users log-in through Cityofeternals.com, not the Facebook app, and it's very different from most social games, as it's a true MMORPG. To your other point, no, I'm not writing about it because it's a paid gig; I think the demographics are genuinely interesting (though of course I state my biases up front so you can take it or leave it as you prefer.)



Okay, I hear your point about logins. Perhaps that is true for first time sign-ups though, where the majority of original sign-ups come from FB traffic. For the record, no harm really with attaching to FB, sounds like a smart business strategy (as NWN has done several pieces about what a good idea leveraging FB IDs have been for easy registration). And I must have assumed that heavy FB connection because I noticed FB mentioned in most posts you regularly write about this well funded start-up).

Also, props to you for not deleting my sarcastic slogan change comment.

Rodion Resistance

In my opinion, people would only associate their real identities with their SL/online identities, if that act somehow benefits them, esp. if it benefits their inworld business. In my case, I make no effort in hiding who I am in RL because it seems to help in bringing in people who require my services. In turn, the ability to gain profit out of being in SL, became the driving force for making me stay here. Of course, there are those who say "if it doesn't benefit me in any way, why should I bother to tell anyone who I really am in RL?"



So... as a female who has been playing CoE off and on since the end of the alpha test, I salute you and the team for making a game to which I am now addicted. I am not a PC gamer at all; even my gamer points on systems are mostly from Rock Band. I just can't get enough of CoE. I think it has to do with the addition of elements like harvesting and making - leveling up in skills that aren't just fighting - that makes this game so appealing to me.

Hamlet Au

Thanks very much, Mari!


While I am not a fan of the vampire genre myself, I am REALLY not a sword and sorcery fan so COE's modern day backdrop appeals to me immensely. The other big draw for what can only be described as my COE *obsession* is the ability to do quests/missions alone. I'm not one for teaming up with strangers in order to play a game, the way that most MMOs are set up. COE, which I learned about on this blog, has all of the elements I need to come back again and again.

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