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Thursday, February 18, 2010


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Torin Golding

Hi Hamlet!

This weekend ROMA is having its February festival, the Lupercalia. (For those of you who don't know, ROMA is the original and oldest ancient Roman themed land in SL.) We're giving an SL spin to some ancient Roman rituals, and holding a couple social events and contests as well. Events occur all day Saturday and Sunday (20th and 21st). A full schedule can be found at our blog: http://romacitizens.blogspot.com/2010/02/lupercalia-festival-schedule.html

If anyone would like to learn more about our community and how to join us in enjoying ancient Roman culture, our main website is http://romacitizens.com/

Thanks Hamlet!
Torin Golding

Agent Heliosense

The Citilab Barcelona Expolab team will be in world 9AM Friday 2/19 for an introduction to the Expolab project.
The project allows designers to create kiosks 2 meters square that explore how the Internet has changed the way we share memories, connect, travel through time and space, work, and experience safety. Great opportunity to get involved and connect with this creative project.
Meet the project leaders Irene Lapuente (avatar: Mandarina Parabola), Ramon Sangüesa (avatar: JustTheCook Oskar), Astrid Lubsen (avatar: Ingrid Kimono), and Hector Zapata (avatar: Hector Zamarung) and see their new buildout of Citilab.
Web: http://thetechvirtual.org/projects/expolab
SL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Tech%202/171/214/33

Dousa Dragonash

The MBC Arts team at Metaverse TV is presenting a talk on Zarzuela! the spanish music form, with Harumi Whiteberry (rl expert Christopher Webber). This music permeated Spain and out over the Hispanic world where it is followed with joy, intensity, debate and fervour. Christopher Webber will take us through the development and history of a music that crosses passion, humour, form and time. Starting at 3pm slt on Sunday 28th February 2010 at The Events Mushroom on Metaverse Island, we will be filming the talk in front of a live audience and streaming live onto www.metaversetv.com. Come and join us!

Dusty Artaud

In tandem with Virtual Haiti Relief, Nonprofit Commons will host a Haitian cultural festival February 26-28th to raise additional donations for Hope for Haiti Now (over $6,000 U.S. has been raised to date). Events on Friday February 26th will include exhibitions, speakers, a rebuilding challenge and a virtual goods auction. Live music will be featured around the clock beginning at 5AM SLT Saturday February 27th and running straight through to 10PM on Sunday February 28th. A charity ball (black tie) will be hosted by Preferred Family Healthcare from 7-10PM SLT on Saturday February 27th.
For more information about these events see:
Virtual Haiti Relief website: http://www.virtualhaitirelief.org/
Nonprofit Commons website: http://www.nonprofitcommons.org/

Ozzy Wozniak @slurl

Saturday 20

Machinima Festival @MMIForg @Mamachinima 11am http://slurl.com/secondlife/MMIF3/155/155/28

The MMIF machinima festival is today, kickoff at 11 am sl time, 7 hours long - filled with 53 top machinima's and entertainement! Mixed reality machinima event (SL + Amsterdam +webstream).
Afterparty from 6 - 8 pm, that will rock your feet!
All info about streams, films, etc on: http://MMIF.org

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