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Friday, February 19, 2010


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Nexus Burbclave

Great link. I wonder how many of us are doing what we thought we would be when we first joined SL. I suppose life is like that. My day job didn't even exist when I was a kid, and pretty sure I wanted to be a scientist or rock star (possibly both) when I grew up. Sometimes the opportunities we find are even better than the ones we imagine.

CyFishy Traveler

I also arrived in Second Life because of Duran Duran's plans to appear there but I've likewise stayed to create my own life. I'm unsurprised that the lost continents have finally sunk into oblivion but strangely relieved since it frees me from glancing over my shoulder to see if they were ever going to show up.

Siergno Gilmore

Duran Fans,

I'm surprised at Joja, as she's missed out a lot of important details. Especially, as I know she know's more than she is letting on. I also know, because she told me, that she even once saw the islands by complete accident.

Joja also told me, that the whole islands were handed over by Rivers Run Red to the band, just a few months after the announcement. Who would then be launching it via another company, by someone who ran the fan club?

You also knew, as you worked for Rivers Run Red over the last few years, that the islands were not going to open. Why are you acting like you've been just a waiting fan? You had more knowledge than anyone else! It's made us all mad and jealous!

You also know, that the area we all hung out on Avalon was removed by Duran Duran. Who asked RRR to remove it. The new person, appointed by the band, didn't want us all hanging out there anymore - damn cheek if you ask me! It was not, as you said, set aside for other projects. I really appreciate what Rivers Run Red did for us, they really tried to help. They knew how to create and entertain us. The Nick Fish, the ansa phone and the lovely things they made for us, this is still one of my best memories in SL.

Why in your blog, have you glossed over a lot of these facts? Acting like you've not known all these details? Girlfriend, I'm just surprised, as you know some of us where there also? I know it's been a long time, but there are still a lot of us around. A lot of us know the true events. No excuses!

Whatever though, as we all found a home here. So it worked on a lot of levels. Someone I know even found her true love, got married and had a baby. All because of SL, and the story of DD.

So even though the islands never opened, it didn't matter in the end. The great thing about DD coming to SL, wasn't them, it was us coming here. Maybe they succeed without even trying. Interesting huh? I wonder if that was the plan all along?


JoJa Dhara

If details has to be written I will write a book. That is not the essential of the blog.
It is also fun that a 3d internet environment can also become so personal and so dramatic sometimes.
In that case my development started of as this Duranie with all the fun and also drama around this. I was amazed during that time that even some fans started to behave exactly as they would in rl with their small jalousies. It is fun to see that 3d environments do that or even just on simple other blogs. People get so into this. Last time I had an encounter on islands based on the Movie Avatar for being a Na vi with trousers on. Gosh I was attacked by one Na Vi looking avatar while I was just simply admiring the sims. Luckly other fellow avatars stepped up.

I learned to use this environment for two purposes one is private one is business but with a down to earth mind. Hope for many years to help out in the development like this. Not as a content maker but as connector and observer what it does to people and how to guide them.

For the company DD well hope they ever decide to use a 3d environment hopefully SL again.
As is mentioned a group is still there. And indeed so great that some of us met to make a great connection in Reallife ;-)

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