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Friday, February 19, 2010


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Ignatius Onomatopoeia

This feature has been a bug in OpenSim virtual worlds for a while, I'm told.

I encountered it recently in Reaction Grid, when adjusting a hat I'd made while I was wearing it. Rather fun...I just need some dark glasses and I'll be Wells' Invisible Man.


Its a debug feature in SL, been exposed in graphics prefs of S18 & S19 for a while.Its actually quite handy to toggle on certain versions of the shadowdraft code, as it can force visibility of an avatar without doing a rebake which takes the composite textures and bakes causing you to go invisible on certain GPU's when running in shadows. VOAvatar code quite groovy but apart from faffing with texture baking , composite textures, etc etc for the purposes of testing no idea what other practical use it has.

Doreen Garrigus

It's for TINIES!! And dragons, and robots, and floating eyeball avs and...

I'm sure there will be an outcry and uproar from the usual suspects. Stay tuned.

QueenKelle Kuu

Um, this featureisn't new...I'm running an old version of emerald (months old) & it's been in there awhile. it's great to use to find attachments that disappear into your body when you attach them, or when taking photographs and you have embedded attachments like hair going into your shoulder that you want to fix in photoshop, etc

Nexii Malthus

Yes, that is nothing new. I think your a little behind the times, its been in 1.23 ever since it came out, under the debug setting "RenderAvatarInvisible".

It uses the new avatar baking system which allows alpha masking.

Sidney Smalls

I've had a device that's done this for years. Not sure if it's using the same principle or not.

Tateru Nino

The official viewer still does this by accident, if certain packets don't arrive.

Caliburn Susanto

There is nothing special about Emerald. It just gives up-front adjustment settings to users who can't/don't feel like discover(ing) them on their own. (yawn)

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