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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


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Metacam Oh

Its a shame people will need the Large Hadron Collider to run shadows with any kind of smoothness.

Adric Antfarm

I recently got hardware that could cope and while it is very cool, the sound of my video card fan starting to sound like a Cobra gunship bearing downing on me is a bit distracting.


JeanRicard Broek

I purchased a ATI 4670 512k in December and got Shadows to work with S19. This card is $80.00 today, no exactly a large Hadron Collider.... http://www.amazon.com/Sapphire-Radeon-100255HDMI-PCI-Express-Graphics/dp/B001V7HA8Q/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1266358131&sr=1-10

Here is a snapshot: http://jeanricardbroek-architect.blogspot.com/2010/02/shadwows-one-of-few-snapshots.html

Metacam Oh

Getting shadows to work and actually having a smooth experience / or record machinima are two diff balls of wax.

Ann Otoole

Shadows or not I think I prefer the user interface. It is too bad it has the snowglobe media stuff that doesn't work. When LL forces that out onto the entire world the screams will be loud and long.

Ric Mollor

-----The article says------------
Send this video to the hardcore gamers in your life who keep insisting Second Life graphics look last generation:
---End of quoting----------------

I think any "hardcore gamer" would instantly spot the single digit framerate and laugh harder then ever.

It will take a lot more than this before experienced gamers see Second Life (and its users) as anything other than a subject of ridicule.

Maybe the day an avie can walk more than 256 meters without encountering yet another server boundary? Or maybe a server infrastructure that will consistently texture objects faster than the slowest speed of avatar movement (walking)

Tateru Nino

So, this is just the off-the-shelf code then, with no features actually added or modified?

Gary Hayes

I agree with Ric Mollor here - if you have played Aion or WoW or any other 15-20GB download MMOG you will see its not just about pretty shadows but that all important network lag - SL lag as we know and love, slow keyboard-to-avatar-movement, lag from endless loading of data over network or cross-caching textures & the dreaded avatar overloaded sim/server.

Now if there was an SL viewer that pre-cached a large swave (10+GB) of key SL sims & textures plus scripted elements, and an archive cache of 20-30 avatars (that everyone would be willing to use) then it might start to get close to those 20GB local MMOG installs, then and only then can we start to compare pretty graphics! I would say if the above situation were true, the lag would obviously become insignificant and I would suspect SL (given the high rez texturing potential) plus light fx, would really look better than the production farm, stretch'em texture, samey woodland/terrain/buildings, limited NPC & player character design MMOGs.

But of course SL is a Social Virtual World, constantly shifting and changing, a pot pourri of player generated content and developer professionalism - more importantly therefore it makes more sense to really win the argument and compare SL to Farmville or YoVille than Crysis, BioShock, Aion or Heavy Rain !!!


until the majority of the so called creators or even better... 'artists' are functional analphabets when it comes to optimizing textures, SL is hopeless.

just look at the ridiculous amount of data your pc must download in order to look some good-for nothing eyecandy sim like temple of whoknowswhat or in silico.

these guys are just clueless and too arrogant and should be taxed on texture usage. (Also a taste tax should be implied on them, lol.)

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