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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


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Wizard Gynoid

This certainly makes it appear that LL wants users to reveal their RL (which is against their own T.O.S.)

Samantha Poindexter

This is about as "subtle" as a sledgehammer, if you ask me.


Arcadia Codesmith

Let's turn it into the world's biggest rickroll, just for fun. Imagine everybody's "RL" section with the exact same picture and text, sending a very clear message to the Lab about what we think of their very clear message to us.

Lukemary Slade aka Luca Spoldi

Personally i always wrote who I am and what i do in my everyday life (not talking about my site...). But this just with my "official" avi, never with my alts and definetly thinks no one really like to be "obliged" to say a single word about him/herself if wanna just use virtual worlds to relax, have fun or trying catch his/her own dream.

Vax Sirnah

Wizard, I was under the impression that it was agains T.O.S. for others to reveal things about a person's First Life, not for people to reveal things about their own.

But yeah, not very subtle. ;)

Lum Lumley

/me thinks Hamlet needs to upgrade to Windows 7 :)

A cigar may just be a cigar here. A lot of what we're seeing with the new viewer UI is in streamlining. Combining the 1st and 2nd Life profile tabs seems a no-brainer from that aspect. Given how it's laid out in the viewer, people who don't want to disclose their RL can just ignore the "Real World" label simply just add another SL-related pic and comment, similar to how many residents repurpose the Picks tab as their own personal commentary area.

It *does* destroy a lot of carefully-mapped out profile formatting, though :)

Paola Tauber

What's this obsession with merging SL and RL, Hamlet? The new beta viewer has some interesting features (alpha and tattoo layers) that will affect many content creators and a completely revised interface many residents will have to adapt to... and the news headline is about placing 2 pics next to each other? Duh. Do you own shares in Facebook by any chance?

Ann Otoole

woo hoo we can see all the "F You My RL is PRIVATE" message on the garbage pane now.

Simon Newstead

I agree with Hamlet, it is a subtle but important shift, and encouraging more real life to virtual life cross over. Seems to be a trend, IMVU just launching the real life dating crossover, also implementing Facebook Connect in our case.

Pyewacket Bellman

What the obsession with merging RL and SL? Simple.
Investors won't pay for avatar info.

Have a look at who's been shoveling money into Facebook recently.

Scylla Rhiadra

Whether intentional or not (and I have a feeling that it may be), this certainly has the *effect* that Hamlet describes. What it means is that residents can now see who is being "upfront and honest" about their identity (please note the scare quotes), and who is not.

M. Linden has said that there are no plans to force RL disclosure in SL. I am entirely willing to believe that. But this unquestionably exerts pressure to do so. It will also render much more graphically and obviously the growing cultural rift between those who disclose, and those who don't. For that reason alone, this is an unfortunate development.

Nexus Burbclave

Coercion through peer pressure is still coercion.
I put up a "No trespassing" sign for my first life pic. I'd encourage others that wan't LL to respect their privacy to do the same.


I agree with Mr Lum Lumley, it's probably just streamlining. If anything the whole profile thing has been streamlined into insignificance.

Extropia DaSilva

Is it fair to say Hamlet is obsessed about revealing RL identities, just because he reports on developments in Augmented Reality (overlapping computer graphics onto your RL visual field) and Augmented Virtuality (incorporating RL elements into virtual spaces)? I did the same for a couple of my essays, like 'Metaverse: Reloaded' and 'Shades Of Gray'. And yet I am firmly in the immersionist camp.

Just noting the way things are going and commenting on it does not mean you have an obsessive or belief that things AUGHT to be this way.

Maybe folks would prefer it if people like Hamlet stuck their heads in the sand and pretended like AR/AV developments are not really happening?


Extropia, I think it's fair to say that Hamlet prefers talking to real people rather than some shady guy hiding behind his monitor pretending to be a hamster.

Extropia DaSilva

Hamlet did interview a hamster once. As I recall, that hamster gave Hamlet a package and when he opened it, it transformed him into a hamster too. Maybe the experience scarred him for life and now he will not go near immersionists, unless they are super-cool like Grace Mcdunnough? ;)

Extie- known for transforming English words into sentences and paragraphs of Singularitarian gibberish.

Doreen Garrigus

Hey...watch what you're saying about hamsters! ;)


Groovy groovy groovy!!!!

Like I been a sayin all this time:

Giving away your private info on social networking sites is a bad idea!

And now......just to prove it.....Is the link of all links:


What pray tell is the proof of pudding? Well, since you have asked, I will tell you.

There now exists an iPhone application that is linking your face to all of your online social networking info.

It works a little like this. You see someone in a crowded bar, you point your iPhone at them and instantly, up pops their name, and any info they have posted on their social networking sites.

A Stalkers dream come true baby!!!!!


Like I have been saying. You should not give away all your info on your social networking sites. It will bite you in the ba-hoody!!!

Hee Hee, Ho ho.

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