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Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Sidney Smalls

How famous can she be if she "makes her living" stripping in SL?

Two Worlds

Hamlet, the stripper boobies almost got some of us flesh-bound humans that still have jobs in the Meat Realm fired. :-/

Two Worlds

>>How famous can she be if she "makes her living" stripping in SL?


"She works hard for the Lindens..."

Toxic Menges

Looks like she needs some help with prim hair in SL ...

Crap Mariner

That's fashion?

Um... am I ever so glad to be unfashionable.



It seems to me that she is a bit ashamed of hanging around SL and felt the need to denigrate it. Haven't we passed that stage yet?

And if the world was so ridiculous as she claims, why the need to strip and make Lindens? What would she need the Lindens for if the world is so conformity cursed as she claims?


Thank you for posting this.
It's interesting that she stated first the game is slow, I find outside the states the game does run very slowly, and it's actually quite irritating to use the interface.
On the other hand her clothes are pretty awesome, her models are disgusting (personal opinion). Having sex with them would be like having sex with a bag of hangers.
I hope you do get the interview. Perhaps she is not in-world enough to really explore? It takes a lot of time to find interesting fashion and art in SL, on the surface it does seem very conformist.

lifestyle week

being quite frank....I think the designer clothesline by Ms. Back don't quite work....She need to revise on the apparels and learn more about fashion designing before starting off. Best of luck to her.

Arcadia Codesmith

A quick web search confirms that yes, Ann-Sofie is a famed Swedish designer.

Stripping is a perfectly good way to pull down some Lindens for anybody without that tired old nudity taboo.

And by game standards, Second Life is a shitty, slow place where nothing much happens. She seems to have missed the point that it's not a game at all, but that's not unusual.

And finally, yes there are some breathtakingly original and beautiful designs in SL. But they're droplets in a sea of virtual knockoffs of rather boring RL designs. I've always thought that the point of the more outrageous examples of haute couture were not to present something a sane person would wear in public, but just to shock up out of our rut of complacent conformity. But man, people get really defensive and catty when you try to do that :)


"I've always thought that the point of the more outrageous examples of haute couture were not to present something a sane person would wear in public, but just to shock up out of our rut of complacent conformity. But man, people get really defensive and catty when you try to do that :)"

No one has to conform in SL to someone else's artistic standards whether they be for conformity or haute couture. But know this, its the complacent , conforming masses that are keeping the lights on at Linden Lab. Not the people with Haute Couture delusions.

And before Ann Sofie, professional fashion designer, mouths off again, she should fix her avatar. It doesn't match the level of her real profession. Its newbish and not more than a little conforming. Everyone has fricking wings in SL. She isn't being a original there.

Bettina Tizzy

What's that saying? Don't sh*t where you eat?

Grady Echegaray

Thanks for the mention Hamlet! :D
I should clarify though. I did not make the outfit/headdress pictured. That is the awesome work of Alpha Auer of Alpha Tribe.

Rusch Raymaker

No wonder she found SL shitty...look at what vocation she chose. Obviously not the kind of crowd you can bounce intelligent or meaningful conversation with or collaborate with even. Denigrading the myriad options to be creative and productive in SL is a sign of her ignorance and lack of imagination.

The Green Avatar

I don't understand why you're all making such a fuss. She was a stripper in SL, so what? She was role-playing, what's wrong with calling SL "a game". Most people consider role-playing a game. Read carefully what she said. She said ".... most people...." She didn't say everyone she met. Sadly it's true I can find more people that look like how she described in fact there are many cases of people being mistreated in SL because of their variation from standard norms of appearance.

Gypsy Dress

Wow - those designs are so pretty, I want one :D

phoenix landscape design

You're kidding me, right, above commenter? Those designs are so weird looking, lol! I don't think I could ever wear one that looked like those.

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