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Friday, February 05, 2010


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I find it very hard to believe people tried to WIN THE GAME!1!!!!!!11!! by voting for Mr. Luchador, YOU met the guy, he has the charisma!

And congratulations to Rance who is an awesome guy and great DJ and the rest of the boys in working so hard to construct your avatars in such a way that make SL a lovelier place.

Buckaroo Mu

This is really what's considered "hot" by women of SL? Tattoos, the bad-boy look? When I designed my shape when I joined SL back in 2006, I went with what I would look like in RL if I had a personal trainer and a working thyroid - in essence, what i looked like when I got out of the Army (but with longer hair). My skin and hair purchases that followed (once I decided to buy into this world a bit), and my wardrobe (with the exception of costumes) also follow this principle. These guys... just don't look realistic, don't look like someone you'd see on the street. Meh. I've got a wife, same one in RL and SL, and she loves the way I look (in both), so I guess it doesn't matter, really.

Austin Walker

@Buckaroo Mu: I'm curious, do you feel like the advent of photography has made painting obsolete? Or, to be more blunt, please explain to me why realism is the only acceptable rubric for attractiveness?

Actually, given your own words, it isn't - You establish in your last sentence that the thing that matters to you is that someone else (your wife) finds you attractive. You've exactly said that beauty is a subjective process, and you managed to say it moments after saying that this list is wrong because it doesn't meet your own standards.

It's worth keeping an open mind sometimes, Buckaroo. I'm sure that your own style has changed over the years - you've seen something you didn't own and thought "oh, that would make a nice collection to my wardrobe." I'm not saying that you should run out and buy tattooed, muscly demon wings with clown noses (okay, I lost that one) - I'm only suggesting that you allow your tastes to grow in SL just as they've likely grown outside.


wait..did severine get eliminated? oh thats too bad (lol)

Pappy Enoch

"This is really what's considered "hot" by women of SL? Tattoos, the bad-boy look?"

I reckons so, Buck. I gots me a John Deere 1250 diesel (with front-loader) inked onto a rite private spot and I are for sure the baddest hillbilly boy in SL.

And what a first-rate disaster it done been since a bunch of gals put me up for Miss Ofeelya's fake man contest in 2009!

Now I gots to use 'lectric cyclone fences to keep them pretty fake gals off'n me since I was a semi-finalist!

Fellers: don't let them sexy fake gals put you up for no hottie-hot-hot avatar contest. You ain't gonna git no rest afterward.


[email protected] eliminated. this contest was his lyf


Shame on all the stalkers backstabbing and making up gossips about the finalists in this contest.
Obsessed much?

Rumor Halostar

Visit my blog, to see what I have to say about this. *gags*


Yay! I'm so glad they used a picture I did of Rance as his sexy man pic! :-D

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