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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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BREAKING NEWS Wagner James Au releases new RPG: Deadlines & Destinations. Gygax Estate balks over D&D abbreviation, plans to sue.


I logged in, I saw, I logged off. Oh wait, you said interesting. Never mind :)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia

I actually appreciated SL's laggy world after a set of disasters in Reaction Grid...


Too late to withdraw my 2010 SL prediction, Hamlet?

Doreen Garrigus

I can't log in. :(

Punky Pugilist

I'm finishing up my recreation of Alhambra 1492, on the eve of the abandonment of the palace by the Moors. Thus ended an age of reason, and tolerance in Span.

In a few days Natascha Randt will create a final Machinima of this build. Then i'll repackage the palace in kit form and offer it for free.

Rezago Kokorin


Dedric Mauriac

... everything interesting to me is on my own blog, which you already look at anyway.

Pussycat Catnap

Logging in only now and then, as I'm supposed to be 'away' from SL atm. :)

Watching with curiosity as the Lindens spend the week auctioning off about 80% of the sim I'm on in Zindra... all in chunks too big for me to buy into.
- People who win the auctions keep just putting their chunk up for sale, uncut... and nobody's buying that either.

And the next sim over... somebody just put most of that sim up for sale in, yet again, large chunks.

I think the days where you go into Zindra and buy 8000+ meters and rez a mall are over. That's been done. The same for clubs. You want a mega-club; you're a little late to the game (plus the sim already has a few clubs).

But all over the place, I keep seeing land-flippers refuse to make the smaller cuts a normal resident on a basic premium account can buy...

So that's my week in SL. Starts with my personal experience, but branches out to a larger observation about the oddities of the land flipper market that I just don't get.

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