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Friday, March 05, 2010


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ColeMarie Soleil

This is a mindblowing post :D

Mo Hax

Thanks for the post. It will embarrass him, but you should have seen his mother beaming as Brendon presented both live and virtually at the NCTIES conference (still working on some video of it). It has really been a joy working with him and donating space to him to build it. On our second workshop he was already coding communication protocols into his LSL scripts. I was blown away. More evidence that the up-and-coming gaming generation just seems to 'get' this stuff so well. I think we can expect great things from all of them.

By the way, I hope people will take note of how this post came to be and the importance this has for NOT putting your students and employees behind walled gardens. Brendon, an 18-year-old high school senior chose to use SL after starting in Google Sketchup and being exposed for one day of building in Second Life during his school's Computers II course (which includes a state-required virtual worlds component). From there he met me, Keystone, and several other professionals and reporters. He would not have had as easy of an opportunity to share his work--and more importantly it's potential to make a real difference in our world--had this all been done in a private Second Life Enterprise sim, a school OpenSim setup, or even the Teen Grid. I don't mean to downplay the concerns many have, which I have watched his mother and school mentor carefully monitor. Only to point out that innovation happens best where the most collaboration is possible, and that is not hidden away behind a firewall somewhere.

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