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Friday, March 05, 2010


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Patchouli Woollahra

if a system like this is implemented, it will be at the possible price of sacrificing SL's ability to cope with some of the oddest realtime animations ever made if LL does not implement it with care.

Crap Mariner

Hrm. I guess I'd better hurry up with development on my Stormtrooper Catapault.


John Branch

I read about the Euphoria technology in a 2008 Vanity Fair magazine article about the then-upcoming release of a new Star Wars video game. (The article is at http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2008/03/lucas200803.) I haven't had a chance to see it in action yet, so I was glad for the short video. Now I'm wondering how it'd be used in SL. Presumably there would be either (1) a set of priority rules, so that user-chosen animations and animation overrides wouldn't then be overridden by Euphoria, or (2) some simple controls so you could disable it entirely.

This reminds me that I haven't been in SL at all lately, so I don't know what kinds of crazy dance moves people have been coming up with.


I read this YEARS ago on Massivley before it got eaten by massively ( cant actually remember what the news blog was called before then)

I definitly rememeber reading about ragdoll physics and seeing the videos and how they would be used in SL in the future. And all this came about because sumone noticed LL was a customer.... I'm not just seeing a clitch in the matrix am i? sumone else surely can back me up on this???


FOUND IT in google cache from secondlifeinsider back in 2007


I had the *exact* same reaction Loki! Thanks for digging out the original article - that would have driven me nuts :D

Ann Otoole

Linden Lab is a customer of Havok. Sure would love to see a few more things from the Havok product line in SL. Like AI, Behavior, Animation, destruction, and most of all cloth.

But deep down I know it will never happen because the direction of LL is to move SL away from 3D entertainment to a text based facebook/twitter hub. I'm sure SL will get there right about the time the next big thing hits.


not to mention - these behaviors are created by simulated evolution. it's freakin amazing.

see their founder talking about it at the 3:00 mark:


(the rest of this video is pretty good, too.)


As Loki said - this appearing in SL is OLD news and freakily I just found the Endorphin demo video from years ago last night in a forlorn corner of my hard-drive. Kudos to Loki for finding the actual article from back then. Just another improvement that never arrived...add it to the list.

Simon Newstead

Ah force unleashed...had such high hopes after seeing the cool tech demos, but after I bought and played, another story (probably why Lucasarts killed that studio that made it)

JeanRicard Broek

I did note that the technology was circa 2007, i.g.Starwars and GTA IV and am fully aware that LL has licensed many technologies and not implemented them fully, like Speedtrees (http://www.speedtree.com/gallery/images/img4acd0871592cd.jpg) or not at all like Havok Cloth.

The Lab also fiddled with Shared Media in 2007 and it is now finally here. I think the point is that theses technologies will be introduced either by LL or other engines as time progresses, that is unless Kingdon only has eyes for getting SL into Facebook.

The last sentence of My blog post was

" One can only dream ~s~ "



Lordfly Digeridoo

You guys are confusing Puppeteering, a LL-developed solution made by Ventrella Linden, and this, which is similar but different.

Endorphin has been best used in GTA IV, with all the animations being generated on the fly, and what I like to call "jerkwad physics" - pushing pedestrians around by just walking into them to see them try to regain their balance over and over.

I'd love to see something like this in SL.

Balthasar B

Yeah if this comes to SL before I upgrade my computer, looking like Fall 2011, I doubt i could run this stuff. i can't run windlight now because it is greyed out and my workaround got "fixed" even though I have shiny water. They keep wanting to build sl graphics up, but they are starting to leave people behind without creating new players. Remember SL is a niche market. My friends think I'm weird for playing sl and Im the demographic that could make sl mainstream. Some of my friends on plurk don't want SL to go mainstream.

Settle down about SL going mainstream you are still buying the hype that rl companies fell for.


@ Balthasar:
Ragdoll animations don't have a greater impact onto your graphics card resources than casual (keyframe) anims.

Also, this idea is rather old. I doubt it'll come in 2010 when it hasn't yet since 2005.

look here:

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