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Monday, March 22, 2010


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Delinda Dyrssen

No THAT is cool! I love it gotta get it!..Thanks Hamlet!

Ravishal Bentham

This could cause problems down the line. An artist's stream typically has anywhere from 50-100 slots and these are normally heard by in world avatars. Say there is a very popular artist playing and dozens of people outside of SL tune in with this app. It's quite possible someone at the venue will not be able to hear the artist perform because all the slots are filled. Those people aren't likely to stick around or tip.


i just confirmed the android chat client discussed in a recent post here can do that too :)


I hate it. Sorry. Touch Life worked perfectly. Pocket Metaverse won't work at all. Brand new iphone. Wish I hadn't updated the app.

Not your problem, but readers should be aware that the new version might not work on your phone.

Ravishal Bentham

Just tried the app and it does log you in to the world. OK not as bad as the picture I painted above, but I have not figured out on is supposed to sit. There is no way to interact with nearby objects. You'd look pretty silly just standing there.

Hamlet Au

It worked fine for me, Sera, though it takes awhile to connect. Were you connected to a wireless network at the time, or just AT&T?


I wonder if they will ever have SL voice working on this?

Panacea Luminos

sounds cool, but how long will the venue's stay alive if you don't have to come inworld to listen...Venue's pay an average of L5K for a one hour performance and hope to make something towards that in venue tips or at least promote their rentals/shops etc...

Hamlet Au

Well, you can also direct pay L$ to people with this app, so why not tip from your iPhone too?

Panacea Luminos

Interesting..I wonder how they would know who to tip...besides the artist by name.


@panacea. Your avatar will still be at the location, so it counts as just another avatar. You can just hear the music now.


@sera, I'm with ya!! I'm *so* upset with the new update I'm ready to scream. We may be able to stream media, which is cool, but the new update has two major shortcomings that have reduced usefulness significantly. Group chat is now nonexistent, and the ability to accept inventory is gone. Not just gone, but if inventory comes in while I'm logged into this app, I simply won't get it at all, even when I log into SL from a pc. Invites are lost etc. etc. It's about as useful as Sparkle now, but without the cool sound every time an im comes in.

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