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Tuesday, March 02, 2010


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Crap Mariner

A snap from Lance Rembrant's mixed-media last night:

I think Twisted Ruggles has a vid on Youtube... let's see... yup:



PS: Since Viewer 2.0 won't let you turn off the interface, I just had to add some goofy comments about my lousy camerawork in the chat. Enjoy!

Valiant Westland

'ok' Reading this and watching the included content has reinforced a few things in my mind:

#1 Ashton Kutcher is a moron
#2 Until I can map my face directly to an exact mesh mask for my avatar, I am NOT interested in emulating Max Headroom on a box prim!

Last but definitely not least. I am extremely excited about the potential for media sharing in SL and think it has tremendous potential!

Sidney Smalls

Wow, some people do takes things SERIOUS!

Ann Otoole

let me know when it progresses beyond a freakin box head display rofl.

Max Headroom anyone? How original lmao.

There are much better things to do with bandwidth.

Like the ultimate narcissism sim. Go play your gig in front of 110 looping spectator clip prims. Yaa Hoo! Who needs real listeners?

Komuso Tokugawa

I don't know about narcissim, but it certainly works for me as an added avatar effect to project a little more energy into the bitstream for my fellow immersive virtual experience particpants!
(well, it would be a tad more immersive without the lag, the bugs, etc but it's still early days)

Just released a more comprehensive Beta 2 video texture machimima test by Osprey Therion

And I'll do a shameless plug for an upcoming "real listener" gig to support Tokyo Hackerspace

(though personally I consider people in SL to also be "real listeners";-)

cu in the bitstream, kt

Arbit Delacroix

Hi folks!

I just tracked back to here from my YouTube stats... thanks for the embed btw!

Oh and hey, lighten up already people. :) It was only meant to be a quick test to see how in-world frame rates might be effected by a webcast streaming in. It took me all of two minutes to set up and of course it's nothing special or original. That was never my intention.

If anyone is interested, the pre-streaming frame rate was around 60-65fps and it slowed down to around 30-35fps with the stream on.

kyota Spitteler

how nice Idia!!

Simeon Ferraris

This really opens the door wide open for mixed reality. I can now stream live images from my telescope into SL just by using FTP on a server hosting the image; for long exposure video running at a rate of no more than one 1 frame per 8 seconds, a simple webpage automatically refreshing the latest image is more than adequate. Second Life sidewalk astronomy is now going to be an in-world reality.

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