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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


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Veeyawn Spoonhammer

Woot! More underwater stuff! I'd like to see more people tackling builds beneath the surface.

ColeMarie Soleil

That is one gorgeous machinima :)


I knew Sextan Shepherd as a master texturer, but "Nemo" includes sounds and a rich atmosphere, witch marks him as a true artist.

Ziki Questi

This is indeed a spectacular build! I had the pleasure of visiting last night, and I jokingly warned Sextan, "This is going to become one of the most photographed places in Second Life!" His textures and attention to detail have produced a strikingly beautiful environment.

Thorn Witrial

I count myself very fortunate to have Sextan as a friend. His creativity makes life better.

Crap Mariner

Hrm... pretty...

Time to write a Fake Travelogue.


Arcadian Vanalten

*nods* Sextan rocks! Looks like I got plans tonight after all, LOL. Svarga's back AND Sextan's got a kick-butt build to check out.

Sextan Shepherd

Hello my friends.
First I want to thank W.James for that Article. Your opinion realy count on secondlife and I owe you a big part of NEMO's succes.
And because of its succes, I had to move NEMO on another location so here is the slurl.


Truely lovely, looking forward to finding more of you creativity in Second Life.
wyrdsister Vella

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