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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Ann Otoole

Anything that helps is good. We need to see what this discovery island is promoting though. Might be some Fair Trade issues with LL promoting select businesses. Is anyone allowed there or must we make new alts to see?

Beyers Sellers

Come to Metanomics today at noon PT to hear Tom Hale talk about his announcement (https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/03/31/unveiling-an-improved-new-resident-experience). You can ask questions and provide comments inworld or via the web. See http://metanomics.net for more info.

Kerria Seabrooke

Thanks so much for your thoughtful post, this is really great feedback. Our team at ILL Clan along with the Linden team spent long hours producing this experience as one of the first steps to create an improved first user experience. While you may have some reservations - it sounds like the overall experience was a positive one.

Arcadia Codesmith

I'll be disappointed if Discovery Island DOESN'T nudge users towards established, high-quality, newbie-friendly venues. Favoritism be hanged; let them learn to swim before they're tossed into the shark tank.

Bugs Larnia

Oh my god.... what a dreadful lab-like place... I have seen so many good Community Gateways with real PEOPLE guiding new folk into SL.

This will be a haven for vampires who will create a new account and bite everyone who comes through, and advertisers who pass out LMs (it's proven new folk click yes on almost anything) and whisk people away before they even have a chance to learn....

They can do this since LL does not have ANY personnel monitoring these places....

Benjamin Brebenfarm

"I think it still doesn't address many of the fundamental frictions noobs have with Second Life" - What kind of fundamental frictions specifically?


Pretty, and better than the Jungle Island, but still the wrong way to market and gain audience.

I'd be nice if someone at LL had 20 years of Madison Ave. and not 2 years of IT plus an MBA.

Marianne McCann

Better than what was but I find myself being disturbed by one thing: there is no mention at all that one can build. Not even the slightest mention of building whatsoever. I sense this will be a continuing trend, and one that concerns me,

Bettina Tizzy

@Marianne - Really? Eeek?

soror nishi

I guess if we all get interested enough to create an alt to go see...then the numbers will increase.......

...but I am happy at least that LL is not just repainting the front door (new viewer) but also refurbishing the lobby...

Reizo Kamachi

I think a major issue still needs to be addressed: The default walk animation.
When I first entered Second Life in 2005, that was the first thing I noticed as a gamer. The walked looked horrible, and I assumed the rest of SL walked the same way.

I hope that has been fixed with the new starting avatars, maybe?

FlipperPA Peregrine

While a big improvement, I think it still fails to address the number one problem with retention, as does the new viewer: how do you get the new user introduced to someone in a community of a common interest of theirs? The retention of the L-Word islands, and observations of willingness of established Residents to hand-hold new Resis on display there still hasn't been leveraged.



Raul Xaron

So I created an alt to check this out. Being a builder, I was curious about the construction of the build, and looked at it in the edit tool. The surprise revelation: It's built of megaprims! The sculpties forming the gently curving walls show Zwagoth Klaar as creator. Unless they contracted Zwagoth to do the build (exceedingly unlikely), it means they're finally relying on the megaprim hack just like everyone else started doing ages ago.

LL, if it's good enough for orientation island, it's good enough to be a built in feature.

Lalo Telling

So... will the existing Welcome Areas be discontinued, and perhaps removed? I, for one, would not mourn the loss of Ahern WA.

(The decommissioned WA that still exists in Plum, however, should be retained for historical purposes.)

Corcosman Voom

From T. Linden's SL blog post today:

"Discovery Island is like a Second Life exposition where we encourage users to explore a wide range of interesting starter experiences available to them."

I would be interested in anything you can tell us about this, Hamlet.

Damien Fate

You can visit the public versions of Welcome Island an Discovery island :)



Fogwoman Gray

@Marianne - this has been my concern for some time. New mgmt does not seem to understand that what makes SL unique is the build tools. Abandon that and you can go lots of other places that do 3D chat better and with less lag :)


This island isn't going to help much.

What would help would be to make the graphics work on video cards.

I have a nice HD5850 with quad core Q6600 and SL still runs like a turkey caught in a moose trap.

Fix that graphics engine Linden Peoples!!!

Dylan Rickenbacker

I don't quite understand the beef you have with zooming using Alt + left mouse key. What in the world could be more intuitive than this? Moreover, in combination with the Ctrl and Shift keys this facilitates every camera movement imaginable. In my opinion, this is one of the neatest parts of the Second Life UI. (Actually, the fact that other virtual worlds like Blue Mars and Twinity don't have this kind of intuitive and versatile camera movement is one of the main factors that puts me off them.)

Silverfox Rainbow

i agree on some comments - this place is gonna attract all sorts of unwanted types, - how hard well it be to actually use the tutorials when your surrouned by people spamming.


Damien Fate and crew have created some really magical spaces that are easy to navigate and understand for a new resident. Unlike past efforts, the "gee whiz" factor is very high. Like Marianne (see above) I was disappointed at the lack of content creation information. With the presence of a "shopping mall" in the Discovery portion the emphasis of Resident-as-Consumer was very clear. Yet without Creators, what is there to consume. It seems that the Second Life experience is becoming "Our World, Our Imagination."

Big thank you, by the way, to all the merchants who have given (really, paid for by The Lab, I hope) all the nice goodies on the top floor of the mall space. Sure, clicking the Pocos Pal mouse gives you a skirt and not a mouse, but there is still a lot of great things. The only thing I'd change in this area is greater clarification that the tableaus are merely examples of what is possible. I had to explain to several new residents that they can shop for or build such items then find or acquire land for their use.

Minor nitpick, of course, but one major one exists. New residents I met all asked "Now what do I do?" The impression that Second Life is a goal-oriented game is very strong. Well, one n00b I met had a clear idea: "I'm here for teh sex." Everyone else seemed a bit disappointed at the lack of levels, points, things to shoot typical of games.

Very nice effort overall and I hope it is very successful. Like anything new, these spaces will evolve, I'm sure, and improve.


@Raul ... I, too, found the use of megaprims interesting. I posted a pic documenting it on my blog (click my name below or go to http://poultryreport.blogspot.com/2010/04/officially-sanctioned-megaprim-use.html)

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

The new user experience sure has a fresh, bright look to it. Looking forward to seeing improved retention figures.

Interesting about the megaprims. I usually avoid them these days because LL won't allow content to be transferred to an SL Enterprise server unless there are rights agreements with the creators of every prim, texture, sound, etc. (if anyone's been able to get a hard copy license to resell megas used in a build, please let me know). I hope that somewhere at the Lab there's a team of Lindens working on some official and allowed megaprims (or the governance issues surrounding them).

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