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Thursday, March 25, 2010


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Bob L

"a kid who would rather play hours of Second Life than talk to actual humans."

So SL is nothing but bots or AI's? The correct statement is "plays Second Life to avoid putting on their pants before talking with another human being." Second Life lets us live out humanities oldest fantasy of being able to go out in public with no pants.


The Second Life footage is brief in Hot Tub Time Machine, but is enough of the backstory to be mentioned in quite a few of the reviews (many of which were favorable.) I grabbed the quotes from about 30 of them that talk about Jacob, stuck in the basement, playing Second Life, and compiled them here:



I love how SL gets hit with the stigma.

But nary a word is said about the millions of rejects growing fake soybeans in Farmville.


Arcadia Codesmith

I'm actually somewhat gratified that Second Life has become a point of common reference, even factoring in the negative stigma. After all, Hollywood is hardly kinder to gamers or even television watchers.

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