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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Sioban McMahon

For the great majority of residents, this is going to be inconsequential.

People who are being stalked or those with other strong needs or desires to keep SL and RL completely separate are the ones who will be affected. Even then, what is the level of information? Your general location, such as your town, and the name of your internet provider?

Valiant Westland

I understand and appreciate why a small number of people in SL would be concerned about "cyber stalking." For most users, this simply isn't an issue. For those who use SL for nefarious activities and are concerned they may lose their cloak of anonymity, I have ZERO sympathy!

Vlad Bjornson

All of that same info is shared any time you surf the Web. http://mybrowserinfo.com/detail.asp

I guess the only real difference is that a site could tie that info to your avatar name. Easily avoided (disabled) for those that are concerned. I'll wager that some clever coder will come up with a way to proxy or otherwise obfuscate this info when surfing from within SL.

Adric Antfarm

So, Mr. Au...

Can't you see my IP when I post this? In fact, can't any web page I go to do the same? Or someone looking in the header of any email I send?

People, if you want to live in fear, do it. Just get off the net so the rest of can go on in peace.


Nat Surface

The fact that the Lindens are taking this (nonsense) seriously just goes to show how many hoops they're willing to jump through to assuage resident concerns... Even when they're straight-up looney.

Can we all please stop being so looney and let them do real work?

Talia Tokugawa

Errm this has always been possible through the regular land media. You can direct that to play for a specific avatar, using that and a sensor you can direct avatars to autoplay land media and attach details of the avatar to the url they view.. (www.example.com/ipcap.php?k=avatarkey)
From that and geoip you can get those exact same details without using shared media and as I say you have been able to do this for a long time.
Personally I've used this to get metrics working out stuff like where specific sims attract interest from in the real world.
I have however given up on this as it requires for the users to have media turned on for this to work. Therefore it skews any metrics towards countries that have greater broadband coverage.
If you are really worried about this then deactivate land media.
If you happen to teleport into somewhere new and see the media control "flicker", ie start to play then 0.2secs (aprx)stop again, then it's more than likely you've just had your ip tracked.
SOooo, I am not sure why this is suddenly a big issue. As those in know know it's been like this for a long time before shared media has come in.

FlipperPA Peregrine

To echo what's already been said...

If this really, really concerns you, be sure you never visit a third party Second Life blog, forum site, Google... hell, may as well just unplug your computer. Or, if you're really a dude from North Philly pretending to be a hot female lesbian fashion model from Paris, then maybe... but you could just lie and say you're in Philadelphia for a fashion shoot!

Seriously people, be far more paranoid about stolen laptops from the NSA or your bank's security functions. That stuff is actually scary. This is not.




* within several hundred miles, if the geo-location by IP is accurate, which it often is not

Sioban McMahon


Well, if he's dropping by my place, I hope he brings me a nice souvenir from Austin.

Adric Antfarm

Good idea Sioban. If you do drive down to San Antonio, I think we would all like a picture of Hamlet in front of the Alamo for our scrapbooks.

Oh Flip, you now have me thinking every girl I ever chat with is Charlie from Always Sunny...

Yes, my geo tracks to an amusement park across town. It's not there anymore (update Google Maps) but feel free to visit.

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