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Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Crap Mariner

M Postor Linden talks about meetings and conferences in Second Life:



Alexander M Zoltai

Here's your chance to "talk" to an alien and help her write the story of her people:


Ricardto Castaignede

Get ready! Fae and Elven Pride starts April 2!

Fri Apr 2
12pm – 2pm drum dance
7pm – 9pm Friday Night 2 Sim Dance - Farhaven/Fae & Elven Pride - DJ Shay

Sat Apr 3
10am – 11am CelticWarriorMaiden
11am – 11:30am Wolfgang Glinka - Poetry readings
12pm – 1pm Guided Meditation - Padds McMillan
1pm – 2pm drum dance
2pm – 4pm Fae Forest Theme DJ Dance - DJ Astoria

Sun Apr 4
10am – 11am Fae Circus!
11am – 12pm Jana Kyomoon
12pm – 1pm drum dance
2pm – 4pm Mer DJ Dance DJ Lysana
6pm – 8pm DJ Dance - Tinies!

Mon Apr 5
11am – 1pm drum dance
5pm – 6pm Fae Circus
6pm – 8pm DJ Dance - furries!

Tue Apr 6
11am – 1pm drum dance
6pm – 8pm DJ Dance - Drow!

Wed Apr 7
11am – 1pm drum dance
1pm Hexis - wonderful French singer
6pm – 8pm DJ Dance - Nekos! DJ Katana

Thu Apr 8
11am – 1pm drum dance
1pm – 2pm Fae Circus
5pm – 6pm Shantu Selene
6pm – 7pm Finnegan Faith @ Fae Pride
7pm – 8pm Nuvolino

Fri Apr 9
11am – 1pm drum dance
5pm – 6pm Damian Carbanell
6pm – 7pm Sojurn Rossini @ Fae Pride
7pm – 9pm Friday Night 2 Sim Dance - Farhaven/Fae & Elven Pride DJ Lysana

Sat Apr 10
11am – 11:30am Wolfgang Glinka Poetry readings
12pm – 2pm Theme Party! - Grevilles
2pm – 3pm Aira Jun @ Fae & Elven Pride
3pm – 4pm Maximillion Kleene @ Fae Pride
4pm – 5pm Strummer Vultee!
5pm – 7pm DJ Stone Rothschild

Sun Apr 11
12pm – 1pm choo choo chicks at fae Pride
2pm – 3pm fae circus
3pm – 5pm DJ Dance Finale

Nahasa Singh

As usual, thanks Hamlet for the promotion space !

After a long hiatus, we're partying again at Dazed & Confused 70's Rock Bar, today at 1PM SLT. Come to dance to the best of classic and obscure seventies tunes, and challenge DJ Paulfive with your requests !

Be there, or be square as a prim box !


Robustus Hax

Come check out Metaverse Island in Second Life, home of the Metaverse Tribune and Metaverse TV. Also if you are already using Viewer 2, grab our new 2.0 TVs using flash free on Xstreet here: http://tinyurl.com/yevgnas

Mariko Nightfire

Perhaps, more than the exploring of creative builds, it is the relationships we establish in virtual worlds that bring us back to them. Exploring all those sims devoid of others makes one realize that Second Life can be a lonely place and the importance of the friendships we cultivate and cherish inworld. Many of us even find community in Second Life – a place where we and others have set down roots by becoming regular visitors or residents and are enjoying an active social life. Typically the social life in a SL community centers about a coffee shop or a pub. My community is Hallelujah Azul where I rent a townhouse. The social center of my community is the Jittery Junco Coffee Shop. I love this community and it as enriched my virtual life. I have a number of blog posts describing Hallelujah:


And please visit my community:


Second Life communities can be fragile, even the successful ones. The most successful community in SL was probably the legendary Mill Pond with its Open Latte Coffee Shop. Next Saturday marks the 1st anniversary of Mill Pond’s demise and the diaspora of its community. I had explored the making and breaking of communities in virtual worlds with a series of blog posts on Mill Pond/Open Latte:


I would be interested in hearing of other communities in Second Life.

Uccello Poultry

Well, it looks like The Lab won't be sponsoring an Easter Egg Decorating Contest this year so I've put my potential entry up for FREE at Dolce Valentina (http://slurl.com/secondlife/DOLCE%20VALENTINA/201/55/22). This is an Adult Sim (I don't have build rights on a G- or M-rated sim). The 72-prim display depicts a cute, yellow bunny in the process of decorating eggs for the Holiday.

Jura Shepherd

My good friend Shinichy Mathy will be showing his Shiki Designs Spring/Summer 2010 collection today (3/27) at 6PM slt. The show called "Shiki In The City" is produced by Siren Productions and they have done a fantastic job. You can get more info here: http://shikidesign.blogspot.com/

...also, if the idea of SL fashion shows makes you cringe, the vendors for the new designs are rezzed and using the sale prices now. SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shiki/97/152/22

Csteph Submariner

Still plugging away at the WW1 Poetry sim, day job permitting. I have something in mind for the summer, but I don't want to say anything yet.


Davez Zeddmore

I run a seaside Music Roadhouse in SL called the Horizontal BOOGIE Bar, where we play LIVE and DJ'ed music. We specialize in Blues and Blues Rock. Most of our shows are 7 to 9 pm SLT.

We'd love to have you join us.. Monday night 7pm SLT is my Blues show, called Jump Blues. I play the best of classic and comtemporary Blues... Anything that gets your legs movin and you butt shakin'. Dance to the likes of Eric Clapton, Charlie Musselwhite, Gatemouth Brown and many others!! And I've been doing it longer than most DJs in Second Life. Almost four years!

At 8 pm, we have our newest great LIVE musician from Mississippi USA, Lightnin Lowtide on guitar who does some mighty fine Rock covers.. and some Blues to boot!

We have great LIVE and DJ'ed music all week! Check out our event calendar:


-Davez Zeddmore
Horizontal BOOGIE Bar!

Davez Zeddmore

Hoirzontal BOOGIE Bar SLURL:


Ciaran Laval

Ever since I upgraded to Firefox 3.6 I get this error message on your site:

"SecurityError: Error #2122: Security sandbox violation: LoaderInfo.content: http://static.fmpub.net/banners/20100318/4ba244c24f8b8TitleTweets_300x250.swf?banner_id=231441&clickTag=http://ad.doubleclick.net/click%3Bh%3Dv8/396b/3/0/%2a/f%3B222940847%3B0-0%3B39%3B31670584%3B4307-300/250%3B35995514/36013419/1%3B%3B%7Eokv%3D%3Bsz%3D300x250%3Bfmzid%3D1205%3Btile%3D3%3Bqcseg%3DD%3B%7Eaopt%3D3/1/52/0%3B%7Esscs%3D%3fhttp%3A%2F%2Fclk.atdmt.com%2FCNT%2Fgo%2F202468298%2Fdirect%3Bwi.1%3Bhi.1%2F01%2F&clickTAG=http://ad.doubleclick.net/click%3Bh%3Dv8/396b/3/0/%2a/f%3B222940847%3B0-0%3B39%3B31670584%3B4307-300/250%3B35995514/36013419/1%3B%3B%7Eokv%3D%3Bsz%3D300x250%3Bfmzid%3D1205%3Btile%3D3%3Bqcseg%3DD%3B%7Eaopt%3D3/1/52/0%3B%7Esscs%3D%3fhttp%3A%2F%2Fclk.atdmt.com%2FCNT%2Fgo%2F202468298%2Fdirect%3Bwi.1%3Bhi.1%2F01%2F cannot access http://www.titletweets.com/static/images/teams/syracuse_small.jpg. A policy file is required, but the checkPolicyFile flag was not set when this media was loaded.
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Not sure why, anyway last night we had an awesome party in the City of Dee, live music, belly dancing and yet again an absolutely brilliant turn from DJ Jo Heartsdale who plays Celtic music and for us as we have pirates as well as a mediveal theme she threw in a few pirate tunes!

Elisabeth Beurling

My newest venture: a news stand with 26 SL magazines & newspapers. Some are rez to read, some links. Also putting in laptops today linking to New World Notes, Alphaville News, SL website, XStreet, CNN, MSNBC, and more. The group is "The Peddler & The News Park" if you would like to be an "Avid SL Reader". The Peddler is my used furniture place at 500m, the landmark is on the sign at The News Park. Happy Reading, Slers!

Hamlet Au

Thanks, Cieran, I'll look into it!

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