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Monday, April 19, 2010


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John Branch

First reaction: The sequence reminded me of long unbroken shots in movies, except I'm not convinced it compares favorably. Does it really need to be unbroken? Edits would give it some rhythm. (Sorry that's off-topic.)

Second reaction: I envy Adeon Writer's hardware. Everything got rendered quickly and nicely except, I think, one spot near the end where I saw 2-D tree sections. (Sorry that's off-topic too.)

Third reaction: Viewer 2.0 looks pretty darned good. (Finally on-topic!) I'm not sure how different it is from the 1-series viewers b/c I haven't read that much about it, and my hardware isn't capable of rendering the 1-series imagery fully anyway. But I like what I see.

L Knoller

Very nice. Has LL added full UI suppression in V2 already, or was it fixed (cropped out) in post? ... oh wait there it... never mind

Lissa Pinion

When I first upgraded to a better laptop and could actually slide my graphics to high and ultra w/out crashing, I was amazed at just how much more beautiful sl is.

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