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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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Ann Otoole

Is someone disputing a skin copyright in court?


I think it is about public perception.

Arcadia Codesmith

Given that the new SL motto appears to be "Your IP. Your Problem", documenting the process couldn't hurt. Document, register, takedown, litigate. It's using a nuke to swat flys, but they won't give us flyswatters.


That was one of the more amazing "creation videos" I've seen in a while, and agreed; nuke em.

Naergilien Wunderlich

Yes, Ann, this case will go to court, as soon as I've saved up for the initial pay the lawyer asks for. This step is only necessary because the reselling person actually contested my DMCA, so now there's nothing I can do or LindenLabs can do, going to court is the only way now.

I've actually had the chance (while working closely together with one of her buyers) to look at the textures that are in her resource pack, and yes, those are overpainted versions of my resource pack. Those textures and that other buyer will be very useful in court, I guess.
Yet and still, that seller still claims she made the skin, so I think it's time for some sort of lesson.
Since that very same person complained some time ago on Flickr that 'never once is the cam on your work', I thought I should help with that too - I wonder if *she* can do the same...? :-)

Thank you Hamlet for linking the video, by the way - I just found out about it when looking at my Youtube statistics :-)

Best wishes,

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