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Thursday, April 01, 2010


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Crap Mariner

Lailu Loon's play "Oxymoronic Fusion" opens on Saturday April 3 on Cookie sim.


Check the theater in the SW corner of Cookie for a poster and show times.


Elsbeth Writer

Join the Wandering Photographers for their weekly group photoshoot. We are a lively crew of photogs - both professional and amateur - who get together for a weekend of photography. We share tips and help each other learn to expand our skills. This week the location is Calas Galadhon.http://slurl.com/secondlife/Calas%20Galadhon/141/229/22 a part of SL's Spring Fling. You can join the group or IM any member for information.

Sowa Mai

Press Release:
Exhibition of Virtual Art Opens in Boston


On April 7, 2010, from 3PM to 8PM EST, Through the Virtual Looking Glass will open at the Harbor Gallery at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and will remain open until April 30. The show is a “mixed reality” exhibition of art made in such virtual worlds as Second Life and OpenSim. Many of the artists whose work will be shown have established art careers, having exhibited in such venues as the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, and the DeCordova Museum in the United States as well as numerous well-known galleries and museums throughout Europe. The exhibition will display virtual art by using computers, high quality digital frames, a digital projector, live video and audio streaming, and specially made digital interface devices accessing works in virtual worlds. It will also show prints, paintings, and sculptures based on art made in virtual worlds, some with embedded mechanical and electronic components.

The exhibition at the Harbor Gallery is one of six exhibitions of virtual art showing simultaneously in as many countries - France, Germany, Holland, Brazil, and Italy as well as the U.S. – all under the title, Through the Virtual Looking Glass, and connected with one another through live streaming. This is the first time that such an ambitious internationally networked exhibition has been organized.

Website for Boston exhibition: www.virtual-art-initiative.org/TTVLG
Website for international exhibitions: www.virtual-looking-glass.org
Contact Gary Zabel: [email protected] ; 617-800-3188

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