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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


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Opensource Obscure knows how to make a SWEET looking demo, that's for sure.

havok looks amazing. spot lights look amazing. global illumination looks amazing. and a silky smooth framerate. kudos.

Harper Ganesvoort

Cry "Havok!" and let slip the builders of Second Life!

Ann Otoole

If only LL would license Havok Cloth, Havok Behavior, Havok AI, and Havok Destruction too. SL would be seriously cool with all that.


Throw in some SpeedTree in there too!

Silverfox Rainbow

looks really nice - lets hope that LL wont muck this up - still remember what happened with the havoc 4 update

Valentina Kendal

damn, that's awesome!!

Hitomi Tiponi

Looking at his machine's spec doesn't seem like most sl residents will see anything like that :(

Ric Mollor

Interesting demo but is this going to improve the experience of the average Second Life user in any way?

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