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Monday, April 26, 2010


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Juko Tempel

So I'm betting that the building and filming weren't done with Viewer 2.0.. And they are going to do the final build in their own OpenSim.. are you taking notes Linden Lab??

ELQ Homewood

Actually, they are using viewer 2.0. You can tell when they are looking at the media board and it's using Shared Media.

ELQ Homewood

So, it was built in viewer 2.0 (or at least the media board was), as well as being filmed in 2.0, or you couldn't see it. And the avatars were using the board, so they had to be using viewer 2.0 as well.

Nalates Urriah

Did anyone like the buildings?

Robward Antwerp

They could have used one of KirstenLee Cinquetti's S20 viewers... with the LL 2.0 layout, shared media and the (lacking in LL 2.0) suppression of the UI for machinima; although the slight letterbox hints that the UI deletion may have been done in post processing. Anyone know?

As for the buildings, I liked them enough that now I want to walk through them in sl and the more fully detailed version coming to OpenSim.

Juko Tempel

I stand corrected. I do believe that prototyping, simulations and usability studies like this are exactly the sort of thing Second Life is great for, but still wonder how usable Viewer 2.0 is for achieving this efficiently. So much of the feedback I've seen involves 'workarounds', builders seem to hate it, and this video doesn't show the UI as any Viewer 2.0 user would see it.

Keystone Bouchard

This is the first build I did entirely within viewer 2.0.

I was reluctant, and it took several days to get used to, but so many other assignments I'm working on are being designed specifically around viewer 2.0 functionality that I needed to make the switch ASAP.

It has definitely grown on me, and now the old viewer is the one that feels awkward! An added bonus is that enabled shadows are much more stable in viewer 2.0 on my machine for some reason, which I really enjoy - haven't crashed yet!

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