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Thursday, April 29, 2010


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Professor Szwarz

University of Hawaii College of Education Open House

Date: April 29, 2010
Time (SLT): 8-10 PM
SLurl to event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/University%20of%20Hawaii/98/214/21

Please join us for the College of Education Second Life Open House which will include online Second Life tours of the exhibits in the College of Education building on the University of Hawaii Second Life (SL) Island, as well as presentations about teaching in Hawaii. You will also have the opportunity to win Linden $ cash prizes by participating in our COE Jeopardy game! Join us in-world in SL.

For more information, visit http://www.hawaii.edu/secondlife/2010/03/29/spring-2010-virtual-coe-sl-open-house-event/

Davez Zeddmore

Music Festival Honors Blues Club Partner, Hostess

On Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2, 2010 at the Horizontal Boogie Bar there will be a “coming together” of top musical talent to pay tribute to one of the truly bright stars of Second Life, Mia Mayfair. Mia Mayfair has been partner and hostess of the Horizontal Boogie Bar for the past 3 years.

We call it the Mia Mayfair Music Festival.

16 hours of music will be playing over 2 days as a show of support for Mia who in Real Life has experienced a stroke-like attack. While Mia is expected to make a full lengthy recovery, those around her wanted to demonstrate to Mia, and to others just how much she means to us.

Scheduled to appear are several of Second Life's premiere live Blues artists and DJ's including: Arman Finesmith, Blue4u Nowicka, Bluemonk Rau, BigJim Allerhand, Jimmy T49Dukes, Von Johin, Ziffy Zarf, .

Starting at 10AM on Saturday and going until 9PM on Sunday an almost non stop parade of musical talent and DJ's will be appearing on one of the 4 stages at the Horizontal Boogie Bar located in Dark Sea.




RT @GeminiEnfield: Starting my bastard pop show @VortexClub at 2PM PDT - #secondlife #sl slurl http://bit.ly/11rFwr

Alice in WonderSLand

Avatar Repertory Theater presents "Alice in WonderSLand" There will be one performance this week: Sunday May 2, 3PM PST, with more to follow.

Visit the slurl for more information and to purchase tickets.

Alice in WonderSLand

Sorry, slurl as follows: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cookie/197/195/21/

Alice in WonderSLand

Avatar Repertory Theater to present Alice in WonderSLand. There will be one performance this week (Sunday May 2, 3PM PST) with more to follow.

Visit our slurl for more information and to purchase tickets.


sredni eel

I know I'm posting this incredibly early, but I just wanted to give a heads up about the Arkham sim!

We're going to be building more and better RP for you folks, should you dare to try it out. We're redoing things a bit, and kicking the whole thing off with a Sim Restart Party on Saturday, September 25 from 12pm - 2pm slt at Miskatonic University.

What does this mean, exactly?

Things will be blown up! There will be chaos! We will find monsters! And through it all, I'll be spinning some excellent tunes for you to dance to including some very awesome New Wave, a slew of Goth, a smidgen of EBM, a dash of Industrial, a peck of Dance, and a small jar of Punk for your discerning ears.

But that isn't all. I have a song collection big enough to drown a pod of whales in, and it's yours for the requesting. Want something esoteric? Heck, why not? Want a favorite? No problem.

Here's a sampling of the goods: The Leather Nun, Danielle Dax, Sisters of Mercy, Danse Society, The Jags, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, New Order, Joy Division, L'ame Immortelle, Ashbury Heights, Cruxshadows, VNV Nation, Dr. Steel, and oh, so much more.

Do not be afraid. Be very, very frightened.
And watch stuff get blown up, because it's FUN!


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