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Thursday, April 01, 2010


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Chimera Cosmos

Wow!!!!!!!! That's huge!!!!

Congrats to Ordinal and to all of us...I think? Yay!

==Chimera Cosmos==

DBDigital Epsilon

Yes it would be huge if it was true. If you notice the area under the "you'll be happy to hear that you can set up profiles and groups right now by logging in at the Groups 2.0 homepage." the link goes to Facebook. This is a dead giveaway it is April fools joke. :)

Gattz Gilman

lol, definitely an April fools joke "[...]at my office hours, which are scheduled for five hours before you wake up on any given Wednesday." and the link to facebook.

Chimera Cosmos

*pounds head on virtual desk*


Yes an I am buying LL before they get snapped up by a large media organization.

Jack Abraham

Ah, would that the Lindens were clever enough to bring Ordinal on board.

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