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Friday, April 30, 2010


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Talvin Muircastle

It also led to T Linden's voice crashing during a meeting where he kept insisting (despite pleas from the audience) that he would use Voice rather than Text. So, you know, it wasn't ALL bad.

FJ's post was spot-on. He didn't praise us for being passionate, he told us (if you read between the lines) that he threatened the datacenter with the wrath of those same passionate users if this happens again.

Seriously, short of truly heroic measures, not much LL could have done to prevent this that I can see.

Not You

The question is why was a power outage allowed to even happen. Seriously what backwater data centers are they renting?

Plus side, Second Life has been more "Stable" even if the performance seams to have degraded somewhat. Hoping they can do for performance what they did for stability.

Adric Antfarm

Umm "not you"...

It's not a hospital, it's a virtual world. I don't honestly demand multiple points of redundant power. I cannot recall this occurring all that often (or before) so I'm not sure Lidnen needs battering (on this point).

I think we all got along fine with our PSPs, Xbox 360s, and 300+ channels for a bit.

Stable? Define stable honestly. You're hot and you're cold. You're yes and you're no. Drive a block in your car on the grid. Dare ya.

Rose Mackie

Was anyone able to find out any information about this 5+ hour power outage in Pheonix, Arizona on April 29-30? I couldn't find any mention of a power failure durint that time.


The power outage looks legit. Expedia has a datacenter in Chandler as well and they went offline at the same time.

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