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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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Winter Wardhani

Alpha is an amazing artist whom I am proud to call friend. Her creations are simply chin dropping and I think I have her whole store in my inventory since the very begining when she was still playing around with skin painting and prims for "weird" costumes. I am glad you posted this! Alpha is for sure one of the most imaginative and creative people I met in SL during these almost 4 years :o)

Alpha Auer

My goodness! Thank you NWN! I had no idea that Rachel Ruysch had been blogged until just a second ago.

The url of the actual tale of which the images are illustrations in a way is this one here btw:

It is a non-nonsensical tale of avatars based upon Shakespearean sonnets.

The slurl will take people to an empty place however. I dismantled the last stage and never got round to working out the next episode of the tale. Hopefully there will be a new one soon.


Hamlet Au

Switched the URL, Alpha, thanks! I missed that they were based on S's sonnets (and not plays), so fixed that.

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